Home Appliances

Electric Kettle
If you hadn't noticed, MUJI's US online store has been down for the past few months while undergoing a complete overhaul, meaning the only way to get your dose of quality, affordable Japanese design was to go brick-and-mortar. It's finally up and running...
Wink, A Smart-Home Ecosystem
With the introduction of soon-to-launch smart-home ecosystem app Wink, the connected abode will soon be much more than a group of intelligent appliances with independently operating apps. The new Wink platform will connect close to 60 products...
Charged: Smart LEDs for the Home
Bright ideas are coming from every design sector, as engineers, artists and scientists join industrial designers in creating the technologies and products that will define the future of light. Today, it's inherently progressive industries like LEDs...
Kohler Moxie Rainhead and Wireless Speaker
Initially introduced in 2013, the Moxie from Kohler combines a traditional shower-head and wireless speaker. Now, to make the experience even better, Kohler recently introduced the Moxie Rainhead, a larger version boasting an eight inch surface diameter...
Instant, Fresh Tortillas at Home with Flatev
For most, tortillas are often bought in bulk from the supermarket in cold, stale shape. A warm, freshly made tortilla is hard to find—a simple fact that led Mexican-born Carlos Ruiz to create the Flatev (short for "flatbread evolution"), a new instant...