Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The History of The Leap Second If Tuesday felt like it went by slower than usual, that's because it did. A leap second was added to Tuesday's time in order to keep the Earth’s rotation in sync with the atomic clock. As NASA explains it, scientists...
100 Years of Tattoos
While last year's Artbook/D.A.P. book "Tattoo" explored the art form's global beginnings and its many cultural expressions, a new book, "100 Years of Tattoos," focuses the lens on the recent history of body art. The meaning of tattoos—and the attitudes...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Mexican Morrissey Although he’s known to many as the world’s greatest Morrissey impersonator, Jose Maldonado will admit he’s just another fan of the indie rock icon and former The Smiths lead singer. Maldonado spends his days patrolling the...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Happy Birthday Hubble Today, 24 April 2015, the Hubble Telescope turns 25 years old. During its quarter-century, the Hubble has produced an incredible array of now iconic images, including the famous Hubble Deep Field—where the telescope aimed...
Word of Mouth: Art Museums of Cartagena
by Leora Novick As enticing as the rainbow-colored, sun-soaked streets of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia may be, the city’s museums hold an abundance of art, both modern and historic, to fill your days with design inspiration. From hand-stenciled...
Photography Visionaries
There's no shortage of beautiful, high-quality photography books on offer, but it's always a pleasure to leaf through a tome and be transported to the time and place each photo represents. It's rare for a photography book to consider the larger place...
Interview: Photographer Pieter Hugo
When Nelson Mandela formally stepped into office as South Africa's first democratically elected president in 1994, it marked a new era of hope and reconciliation for the vibrant if not fractured nation. While the transition of power from apartheid...
Stevie Wonder: Happy Birthday
Introduced by American Congressman John Conyers in 1968, it wasn't until 1986 that the third Monday of every January would come to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. The ridiculously long process for passing a bill which would honor...
Elvis Presley: That's All Right
On what would have been his 80th birthday this week, Elvis Presley's first-ever recording was auctioned off for $300,000. Though many fans may not know this ballad—called "My Happiness"—it was an essential stepping stone in his career. Presley had...
Floating Points & Four Tet: Final Plastic People
The beginning of 2015 sadly brought about the end of Plastic People, one of East London's most notorious basement dance clubs. The talent that walked through its doors during the 20-year run undoubtedly helped shape modern dance music. As regular DJs...
Maira Kalman Selects at the Cooper Hewitt
After a $91 million, three-year renovation, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is finally reopening its doors to the public today, 12 December 2014. Inside the former Fifth Avenue mansion of Andrew Carnegie, where the museum is housed...
Chief Trunk's Historic Luggage
All great successes have an element of providence—for the Oshkosh Trunk Company, it came in the form of a surplus of deadstock canvas. In the 1800s, an unnamed American mill had been churning out red-and-yellow striped canvas for use by Spanish...
SMN Melissa Water
Anxiety isn't a modern disorder, but in the past people didn't pop a pill to calm their nerves. Instead, they turned to the naturally soothing properties of the Melissa plant, a lemon balm used medicinally for the past 2,000 years. Premier Italian...
The Astronaut's Cookbook
Get a little taste of the astronaut’s life with this book of space food recipes that can be prepared in a kitchen much closer to home. Written by NASA veterans Charles T Bourland and Gregory L Vogt, The Astronaut’s Cookbook is filled with fun facts...
Hourglass T-Shirt
Each of Vestige's t-shirts embodies a story, fact or myth culled from a certain period of time and given a contemporary graphic emblem. This super soft raglan t-shirt features an hourglass glyph, reflecting the freshly launched brand's creative ethos...
TED Prize Honors StoryCorps' David Isay
by Laura Feinstein Since 2003, journalist, radio documentarian and MacArthur Fellow David Isay has helped bring attention to the daily and intricate lives of ordinary Americans with his groundbreaking oral history project StoryCorps. Oft-replayed...
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