Climbing the Notorious Mount Washington with Adventure Spirit Guides
Some seven hours from NYC, Mount Washington (whose Native American name is "Agiocochook") awaits. The Northeastern United States' highest peak is an imposing 6,288 feet and it's notorious for its fickle weather. While we began our climb on a sunny...
SOL Water-Purifying Bag
Fort Jones, California-based Tortoise Gear aims to make products so users can thrive in practically any environment. The brand's SOL Water Bag (which is currently crowdsourcing on Kickstarter) is a compact, solar-powered water-purifying bag for...
Bowndling Hiking Apparel and Backpacks
"We believe hiking deserves better clothing," says the all-women team from young, UK-based label Bowndling, which launched November of 2014. The outdoors industry seems reluctant to merge function with fashion for fear of detracting from tech specs...
Road Testing GORE® Technical Clothing
Ever since Bob Gore, son of Bill and Vieve Gore, began using "a remarkably versatile new polymer" that we all now know as GORE®, the landscape of technical clothing has grown so extensively that it allows people to perform to the maximum, in all...
The Hike House, Arizona
by Kate McLeod Greg Samuelson was living in the suburbs of Houston with his family when he felt the need for a change. "I could have driven the concrete jungle for the next 20 years and done fine, but I felt like we were always having to manufacture...
Keeping Outerwear Alive with Gear Aid
As jacket season tentatively draws to an end here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're taking stock of the wear and tear on this season's gear. Even the most durable materials take a few hits after an active season, but it's no reason to retire them...
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Shelters
The backpacker's quest for lighter and stronger gear is seemingly endless—and for good reason. When you're a three-day walk into the wilderness, every ounce counts and equipment failure isn't an option. Maine-based Hyperlite Mountain Gear first caught...
Boost Solar Backpack
BirkSun's Boost Solar Backpack doesn't just carry your devices in a sharp little package, it keeps them powered up with the help of a sleek solar panel on the back. The interior features a fleece-lined laptop sleeve and small, discreet dock to plug...
Bamboo Ski and Hiking Poles from Soul Poles
On a constant quest to make the ski industry more sustainable, Park City, Utah-based Soul Poles is aiming to reduce cost for consumers and increase its market presence. The brand's SoulLite campaign—currently funding on Kickstarter—is focused on...
Word of Mouth: Bellingham
One of the portals to that hypnotically beautiful chain of Pacific Northwestern islands known as the San Juans, Bellingham, Washington offers a dazzling array of outdoor pursuits for the hundreds of rugged young people who descend on this little town...
Hotel Domestique in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Traveler's Rest near Greenville, South Carolina might not top the must-visit lists yet, but retired pro cyclist George Hincapie and his brother Richard are set to change this by sharing their best-kept secret (and also the area they call home...
The RugRat from TheTentLab
For those looking to get the most out of camping, it's essential to not skimp on your shelter. While cheap tents will get you through a few weekends here and there, going the extra mile and shelling out for a premium tent will not only make for a...
Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands
With a dramatic landscape as intricately charming as it is awe-inspiring, the Faroe Islands (a nation located between Iceland and Norway), provide a destination unlike any other. Situated in the North Atlantic, the archipelago is comprised of 18 separate...
Rhino Laces
Created by wild land firefighters, Rhino's Unbreakable Boot Laces make a mighty claim for a small but significant gear staple: they cannot be burned, torn, cut or destroyed in any way. If some Herculean effort proves them wrong, their guarantee covers...
Off Piste: Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
by Kelly Phillips Badal The amount of Jurassic-era limestone rising above the trees of western Madagascar's Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park—hundreds of miles worth of jagged rock—gives the landscape the look of a formidable fortress. Lofty spires...
Gourmet Good To-Go Meals
Jennifer Scism and her husband, David Koorits, were planning a seven-day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks when she realized that most of the lightweight, pre-packaged dehydrated meals available left something to be desired in the taste department...
Lion's Head Mountain
Cape Town is surrounded by colossal mountains which provide a breathtaking backdrop no matter where you find yourself. While admiring them from afar is a great way to take in their beauty, we suggest you go for a hike. For an easier route, take the...
Off Piste: Yonder Journal
Driven by a primal instinct to explore, observe and theorize, Yonder Journal exists to document largely unknown areas of the Americas through the unfiltered lens of wide-eyed, self-taught anthropologists. Founded by writer Daniel Wakefield Pasley...
La Sportiva Technical Climbing Apparel
Technical climbing apparel often has its fair share of sartorial drawbacks considering its demographic tends to move often and pack light—for female rock hoppers stylish yet functional choices are especially rare. Always compelled to pack light for...
Interview: Kharma Vella of Poler
by Tariq Dixon Poler is the self-proclaimed maker of “the world’s highest standard of stuff.” Founded in 2010 by longtime buddies Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella, Poler makes stylish and well-priced wares for the everyday outdoor enthusiast. With...
Six Essentials for Fall Camping
Summer may be the traditional season to toss a tent into the car and take off toward the horizon, but fall camping has its advantages. Not only are there are fewer crowds at popular locales, but nothing enhances the taste of hot coffee quite like being...
Road Trip: Tahoe
With perfect powder in the winter and warm weather through the summer months, Tahoe’s become the escape for Bay Area locals all year round. Though the drive through the valley isn’t known to be breathtaking, just four hours stand between you and the...
Outdoor Project
Guidebooks, websites, word-of-mouth—nowadays, there's a wealth of resources that an outdoor adventurer can consult before embarking on a trip. Oftentimes though, these resources aren't comprehensive, up-to-date, or even particularly reliable. Furthermore...
CiloGear Packs
Sharp-eyed mountain enthusiasts, take note: The next time that you see an advertisement for high-end alpine equipment, the depicted athlete may very well be sporting a backpack made by CiloGear. On a recent visit to the backpack-maker's office...
Jones Ultracraft Splitboard
The core snowboard industry continues to mature with more and more innovation and development in backcountry tech. Whether it's due to an aging demographic looking for a peaceful alternative outside resort riding or a newfound interest in powder...
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