While the charm of designer Scott Henderson's self-watering Eleplanter is undeniable, there's more at play than a cute animal reference. The trunk of the elephant actually functions as a watering reservoir, holding two weeks of liquid. The plant and...
Golden Snitch
Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you've got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. The new online shop is fully of beautifully...
Herbal Smoke Blend
Sourced directly from native people within Central and South America via sustainable trade, Anima Mundi Apothecary's herbal blends, tonics and elixirs are made with love in NYC. They've made a special relaxing blend of medicinal herbs for Tetra that...
Garden-in-a-Bag: Organic Mint
Good things come in small packages, and Potting Shed Creations has plenty of them. Their Garden-in-a-Bag range—complete with seeds for everything from cat grass to dill, plus growing medium and coconut husks for drainage—is a gift that encourages getting...
Four Exotic Variations of Honey
Honey complements a myriad of delectable dishes and drinks outside of the expected tea and toast. Its dynamic sweetness, syrupy thickness and versatility in the kitchen make options plentiful. Recently, we've tasted a handful of alternative honeys...
Wright & Company's The House Manhattan
While a well-made Manhattan cocktail needs no modification, we've had our fair share of inspired spin-offs that provide a modern edge and an altogether pleasant diversion. On a recent trip to Detroit, we swung by Dave Kwiatkowski's Wright & Company...
Heirloom Seed Art Packs
Hudson Valley Seed Library's Art Packs comprise more than a hundred heirloom varieties of flower, vegetable and herb seeds, in a specially illustrated packet. Types span heat-tolerant Brazilian piracicaba broccoli (produced on their small New York...
Office Blend Tea by Daphnis and Chloe
When hitting the post-lunch slump at work, the office stereotypically shuffles over to the coffee pot in search of a fresh jolt. But for those who don't drink caffeine, the stamina-inducing choices have long been slim—energetic teas still contain...
A Natural Hangover Remedy from Province Apothecary
Aromatherapist and holistic health practitioner Julie Clark of Toronto-based Province Apothecary has a knack for experimenting with different natural ingredients (many of which are organic or picked in the wild from Canadian provinces) to create...
Anchor Brewing Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale
As a visit to NYC's CultureFix taught us last spring, saison-style beers are incredibly refreshing when the mercury rises. While many are hard to come by, San Francisco's storied Anchor Brewing recently released a Belgian-style farmhouse ale that...
Herb Terracotta Pot
The traditional clay pot gets a geometric refresh in this ultra-modern version. Give your greens the smart design they deserve. Contact Askov Finlayson for purchasing details.
Patch Herb Planters
Greens find a new home in the city with self-watering windowsill planters from Patch. The brainchild of founder and CEO Kent Houston, the planters are just one part of Patch's solution for bringing agriculture into personal living spaces. The environmentally...
Grow Bottle Hydroponic Herb Gardens
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See Smell Taste
Referred to by esteemed chefs around the world as simply "The Spice Guy," Jing Tio is the man behind many of the distinct flavors found at restaurants like El Bulli, Eleven Madison Park and WD-50. For the past half decade, the Indonesian accountant...
CH Edition: Good Fight Herb Co.
On a farm bordering the Hudson River, just north of Woodstock, NY in the quaint historic area of Germantown, herbalist Lauren Giambrone creates unique ointments and tinctures for a variety of ailments using freshly picked herbs from her garden and...