Vegan Rob's Healthy Snacks
When cravings for chips, popcorn and crunchy things can't be met with a piece of fruit or some nuts, it's best to stick to the healthiest and most flavorful options. Rob's snacks (made up of Vegan Rob's and Crunchy Rob's) are no old-fashioned treats...
HU 100 Juicer
Every Monday (or any) morning benefits from a fresh, healthful juice to work as an antidote to the weekend's debauchery. Hurom's cold-pressing system means that 35% more juice is extracted from all the fruit and veggies you use, and its patented Slow...
Best of CH 2015: Animated Recipes
The first day of the new year very often comes complete with opposing emotions. The guilt from all our collective partying and gluttony over the holidays, as well as motivation and hope for a healthier new year. Instead of entering a shame spiral this...
Animated Recipe: Salted Coconut + Almond Granola
Homemade granola is almost always tastier than a store-bought kind—and healthier. Store-bought granolas are often full of sugar and preservatives and yet, they can still lack flavor. In this flavorful recipe, you can dictate your own level of sweetness...
Animated Recipe: Vanilla Oat Milk
Give non-dairy milk a try with this lactose-free alternative. Not only is it low in cholesterol and fat, it also contains twice the amount of vitamin A than its dairy counterpart. This version contains agave to slightly sweeten, but you can easily...
Animated Recipe: Ruby Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut is not only tasty, it’s extremely good for your digestive system, as are all fermented foods. Packed with dietary fiber, it’s good for your heart too. It’s also full of vitamins A, C, K, E and is an excellent source of iron, manganese, copper...
Big Meals for Little Hands
Kids get equal access to the healthy, gourmet recipes of Michelin-starred French chef Sebastien Guenard in a colorful cookbook. Illustrations by Marion Billet help young cooks learn about sustainable and environmentally conscious cuisine, so they end...
Hands On: The New Jawbone UP
Initially released this time last year, the Jawbone UP, designed by Yves Behar, made its debut as a holistic life tracker worn on the wrist 24/7. As you may remember, the bendable band syncs with an iPhone app to record bodily information such as...
Dang Coconut Chips
Vincent Kitirattragarn's mother knows Bangkok-style street food. So when Kitirattragarn decided to abandon a corporate San Francisco gig to pursue cooking, he knew who to call first. It was while munching on toasted coconut—a key ingredient...
Shaped like a little kazoo, the Pax vaporizer is undoubtedly music to any concerned smoker's ears, even without any actual instrumental capability. The ingenious gadget—created by San Francisco tobacco upstart Ploom—not only provides...
Battenkill Brittle
Born from founder Leslie Kielson's energy snack recipe experiments, Vermont's Battenkill Brittle makes bars and crumble full of healthful seeds. A departure from the dense concoctions found in oatmeal bars, Battenkill's version is light, crunchy...
The Kids are in Flight
Parents flying with children of any age face the sometimes harrowing dilemma of keeping everyone happy. Best-case scenario, kids spend the entire time quietly occupied by in-flight entertainment, games or books—or even take a nap. At mealtime...
After Sun Skincare
The days of "hydrating" skin with deep tanning oil while baking in the sun are over. In today's educated world, a high-powered sunscreen is only the foundation for maintaining healthy skin and avoiding damage. Anyone spending time outside in the summer...
Three New Flax Foods
As one of the few vegan and vegetarian sources for omega-3 fatty acid—the essential fatty acid with a slew of healthful benefits to its name—it's no wonder flax seed bears a "superfood" designation. But for all its known advantages, flax...
Patagonia Provisions Salmon Jerky
As pioneers of the organic cotton manufacturing movement, California's Patagonia is always one to push their limits to provide a superior product that they're proud to put their name on. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to break into the...
Black and Blanco
The Black and Blanco Sandcastle cookies are so rich and buttery, it's hard to believe there's actually no butter in them. There's also no wheat, refined sugars, trans fat, dairy, cholesterol, preservatives, eggs or GMOs. They're inspired by the...
Purity Coconut Water
Powdered varietals of anything can be a bit hit-and-miss. As coconut water aficionados, we approached YogaEarth's "Purity" coconut water with a due degree of skepticism. While it didn't quite live up to other fresh offerings, the mix was met with...
Natural Sodas
Channeling the flavors of childhood without the sugary side effects, natural sodas keep the fizz while eliminating harmful preservatives. Instead, these sustainably sourced drinks call upon organically grown ingredients for the freshest in flavor...
Keen-Wah Decadence
Combining superfood favorite quinoa with delicious organic coca nibs, Venice Beach-based YogaEarth presents Keen-Wah Decadence. The nutritious bar offers yogis and other health-minded people a gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO snack on the go and, in addition...
Lentil Chips
With archeological evidence tracing their roots back as far as 13,000 years ago in India and Pakistan, lentils have been a protein-packed part of mankind's diet since the Neolithic times. Like various other healthy chips we keep on tap, Simply...