Qliplet Carabiner
A new, more functional take on the traditional carabiner, Qliplet features a rotating, folding hook that can hang onto just about anything—leaving your hands free for climbing and carrying. Made from super-strong but lightweight aircraft grade aluminum...
Futagami's Elegant Brass Hardware Comes to NYC
We've had our eye on NYC lifestyle boutique Nalata Nalata (located off the 2nd Avenue F stop) for some time. A glimpse at their stocked wares reveals the storytelling mission of co-founders Stevenson Aung and Angélique Chmielewski (Nalata Nalata is...
Jill Platner + Waterworks' Isla Collection
Our 2010 studio visit (video below) with NYC-based jewelry designer Jill Platner revealed a genial spirit who looked most comfortable when forming and playing with her materials of choice: silver and gold. Though metal can sometimes give off a...
Digital Photo Storage Made Easy with Bevy
As much as technology is (by definition) meant to make our lives easier, there's no doubt that it can also make for a few headaches. With so many camera-clad digital devices, our daily visual diaries and precious memories can become a jumbled and...
Bethany Weave Large Tote
Cole Haan's oversized leather tote can pack in everything you need—with style. The woven exterior offers a sophisticated, textured feel, while the interior faille lining in blazer blue keeps any leaky contents from harming its sheen. All the hardware...
Adobe's Projects Mighty and Napoleon
At MAX, Adobe's annual creative conference, the brand announced its exploration into the world of hardware development. Today, Michael Gough—Adobe's VP of Experience Design—took the announcement one step further. Their proposed cloud pen; Project...
Industrial Candy
Designer Nicole Messina combines unconventional materials to create edgy accessories with a whimsical twist. Inspired by frequent childhood trips to hardware stores with her father, Messina became fascinated with reinventing industrial materials...
Drobo Mini
A valuable solution for the traveling photo or video nerd, Drobo's brand new Drobo Mini is the world’s smallest full-featured storage array that operates off combined disk and solid-state technologies, making it also one of the fastest. Like...
The Winsome Brave
Valerie Gnaedig and Annie Lenon fabricate industrial objects that re-imagine some of our most basic items like nails, or a stone you might wield at an enemy. The Brooklyn-based design duo, known as The Winsome Brave, have been making work together...