HTC 10 Android Phone
Offering plenty of future-forward technological benefits, the HTC 10 Android is—at first—a well designed ergonomic device, thanks to its contoured shape. With Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for pro-level photos from the front and back (no more fuzzy...
HTC + Under Armour's HealthBox Fitness Tracking Set
In the age of quantifiable self, there are many devices offering an array of useful functionality. Fortunately, the UA HealthBox—developed by HTC and Under Armour—delivers one of the most comprehensive packages and, thus, plenty of data. The three...
Interview: Scott Croyle of HTC
Faced with some very deep pocketed rivals, decreasing market share and customers who are constantly looking for what’s next, Scott Croyle, HTC’s Senior Vice President of Design, is a master at finding his vision and keeping the design team motivated...
Announced today, the new HTC One is one of the most exciting releases in recent memory from the Taiwanese manufacturer. At first glance, the flagship phone features an understated, yet premium form with its 4.7" edge-to-edge HD display set seamlessly...
HTC Legend and Desire
Unveiled in Barcelona this morning, the HTC Legend and Desire are the latest and—as the names imply—greatest Android phones to enter the market. Both devices feature the company's Sense user interface which improves many facets of the...
HTC Hero Featuring HTC Sense
Once again challenging the iPhone's reign as the touch screen device of choice for over two years, HTC's new model boasts industrial design and interface usability that makes us weigh our options carefully. For early-adopters looking to differentiate...
HTC Touch Diamond
This morning in London, mobile phone manufacturer HTC unveiled the Touch Diamond, a new Windows Mobile Device that looks great! Yes, I did just say "Windows Mobile" and "great" in the same sentence. Focusing on delivering a killer...