Guns and Ecstasy by Scott Hove
Between wedding cakes bursting with fangs and icing-piped assault rifles, it's not hard to see why the art of Scott Hove has gained such a strong following. A new exhibition and installation at Spoke Art in San Francisco called "Guns and Ecstasy...
Whole Larder Love
Aggravated by the unsustainable food industry in his native Australia (and everywhere else for that matter), Rohan Anderson took it upon himself to change things in his own life. Anderson now lives entirely off the land with his family in the rural...
Trap Shooting Tech
As with any outdoor activity, choosing the right equipment can mean the difference between an impressive or poor showing. In sport shooting the stakes are raised, and having the appropriate eyewear can often be as important as selecting the proper...
Insight Candles
Insight, a line of women's and men's clothing born from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, has introduced their latest addition, Insight Collectibles. As a way to turn their collection of graphic tees, vintage-inspired maxi dresses, and...
SF-based sunglasses label Mayfourteenth debuted on the date of its name this year with a collection that captures the beachy escapism of the California coast. Presented in a pop-up shop with an accompanying exhibit that opened earlier this week...
Walton Creel: Deweaponizing The Gun
As mediums go, guns rarely figure into an artist's tools, but for Alabama-based Walton Creel they have become the weapon of choice for creating thought-provoking art. CH caught up with Creel to learn more about his series, "Deweaponizing...
Postlerferguson Paper Weapon Model Kits
Design duo Postlerferguson's new paper grenade, Uzi, M4A8 and MP5 join their first paper gun model kit, an AK-47, making for a full arsenal of DIY weapons. Investigating "the history, the aesthetics and the lethal seductiveness" of...
Safety First: Bulletproof Looks for D.C.
by Gabriel Bell Don't know if you heard the news, but the gool ol' Supreme Court of the United States has legalized handgun sales and possession in the District of Columbia. Given the already high crime rate and D.C.'s long history of...
Wood Puzzle Portraits
Eric Quebral has embraced wood as a medium once again with these elegant iconic character portraits. Each background is composed of the parts for a wooden toy puzzle version of the gun. Sure, I could sit here and write about how great and hot this...