Graphic Design

Way Out Poster
The witty designers behind Copenhagen-based Playtype love using the typefaces they've created in fun, different ways, from monochromatic glyphs stamped on mugs to covering skateboards. Equally big and bold are their posters that make the most of a...
Pick Me Up Festival London, 2016: Charming Sculptures
One of the things that makes London-based graphic design festival Pick Me Up such a fun event to visit is that it really gives visitors direct access to the pulse of the current UK design scene. The festival is currently in its seventh year, and this...
MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design
Stuart Tolley's (creative director and founder of graphic design studio Transmission) last book “Collector’s Edition” was all about unusual, mind-bending and sometimes over-the-top designs—he also created the striking Artist Cover Bomb series for...
Please Make This Look Nice: The Graphic Design Process as an Act of Drawing
In its own way, "Please Make This Look Nice: The Graphic Design Process as an Act of Drawing" is just as much a piece of educational performance art as it is an exhibition. A group of acclaimed designers will take turns producing works at a pop...
Two Zero One Six Calendar
Copenhagen-based designer Kristina Krogh’s beige and gold 2016 calendar bears “Two Zero One Six” in bold lettering, legible from across the room. Up close, the 50 x 70cm print presents the calendar for each month in a muted grey hue with gold-foil...
Pikkpack + Supermundane Shoes
Budapest-based Pikkpack offers a special kind of leather shoe: one that arrives at the doorstep in one flat piece, ready to be folded and sewn up with brightly colored shoelaces. Founder Sara Gulyas' careful design uses the least amount of material...
Bad Bitch Club Patch
Brooklyn-based artist Penelope Gazin has the perfect patch to support your local girl gang—or indeed rep your very own. The playful, chenille patch might be a sweet colorway of baby blue and pink, but it bears fair warning that you walk with back-up...
"The End" Patch
Toronto-based Inner Decay has a knack for making eye-catching pins and patches that stir-up all kinds of feelings. Their straightforward “The End” patch marks a conclusion—whether it's a story's happily-ever-after ending, the last statement in an argument...
Gorman + Camille Walala Collaboration
Talented East London-based artist (and CH favorite) Camille Walala has just teamed up with another brand, for yet another colorful and spirited collaboration. This time, Walala has joined forces with Australian clothing label, Gorman—founded in...
Signs of Italy: A Book Exploring 200 Years of Outdoor Lettering
The true understanding of Italian life only happens in the squares where people love to meet and share, eat and drink—all while observing what happens around them. It’s not a stereotype, but Italy and its many contradictions, its grand beauty and...
NASA Graphics Standards Manual, Reissued
The tale of NASA's two logos recently resurfaced, bringing to light a battle won, or lost—depending on who you speak to. During the Nixon administration, US government agencies were pushed to undertake visual makeovers through the "Federal Design...
Myself Pennant
Get with the winning team with graphic designer Adam J Kurtz's (aka AdamJK) "Myself" pennant. Put the sparkly banner somewhere you'll see it daily for a regular memo that you are the best, or give it to somebody who might need the reminder.
Melding Swiss and American Graphic Design with Piera Wolf
While Piera Wolf might not be a household name, many in the fashion, design and art worlds are familiar with work by the talented graphic designer. And, if you're planning a trip to Washington, DC's Smithsonian National Museum of African American...
London Illustration Fair 2015
The graphic design and illustration scene in London is going from strength to strength at the moment, and part of the reason might be the British capital’s abundance of fairs where emerging talents can network and showcase their designs. The three...
100 Years of Tattoos
While last year's Artbook/D.A.P. book "Tattoo" explored the art form's global beginnings and its many cultural expressions, a new book, "100 Years of Tattoos," focuses the lens on the recent history of body art. The meaning of tattoos—and the attitudes...
Munari's Books
20th century Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) left his legacy in many different forms—from sculptures, paintings, design furniture and objects, films, photographs to even poetry—but it was his experiments in book-objects for children and...
The Art of American Whiskey
There's no spirit more storied than whiskey in the United States. From bootleggers to booms, and even its temporary (and tragic) decline, the history is rich. Author Noah Rothbaum has tapped into this with his latest book "The Art of American Whiskey...
Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975
In his new book, "Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975," Matthias C. Hühne captures the grandeur of travel in an era when passengers dressed up for their journeys. The large-format book features airplanes, world destinations, animals, flags and events...
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