Indoek's "Surf Shacks" for Gestalten
Surf-centric website Indoek continues to expand the breath of its offerings, in turn demonstrating an increasing global interest in the full culture surrounding those addicted to waves. "Surf Shacks," a 288-page foray into the home lives of creatively...
The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders
Focused on what is perhaps a niche topic, Gestalten's new hardcover tome, "The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders" is not just for custom car owners and lovers. Readers who aren't all that interested in the auto world will be surprised and thrilled...
Gestalten + Pulpo Oda Light
Though the stalwarts of the publishing world continue to release works worth reading, it's Berlin-based Gestalten that earned our near-constant attention in 2014 with countless impressive volumes published under their name. Yet, their most recent...
Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hideouts
Since the dawn of civilization, people have sought refuge from it. For many, time in nature can bring clarity and perspective to life, and it's the off-the-beaten-track dwellings that provide this respite from society. With around-the-clock connectivity...
Interview: Typomaniac Erik Spiekermann
Few individuals within the design community deserve as much acclaim as Erik Spiekermann—and even fewer typographers at that. Throughout his storied 30-year career, the prolific German typographer, designer and entrepreneur has influenced contemporary...
The Monocle Guide to Good Business
The world is rife—even overrun—with business books. Whether it's sage management advice or dubious tips on working two hours a week from a hammock, the business section of most bookstores is full of all flavors for would-be entrepreneurs and those...
Nendo: 10/10
Prepare to have your mind blown by the 320-page monograph "10/10"—a showcase of Nendo's sublimely conceptual works. Founded by Oki Sato in 2002, the Tokyo-based studio has grown into one of the contemporary greats, committed to delivering awe-inspiring...
A Map Of The World
This compelling collection shows how cartography has evolved with contemporary maps through a new generation of original and sought-after designers, illustrators and artists who have a passion for map making.
Gestalten Space
As ardent readers of Gestalten's stellar art and design books, we've been wanting to visit their storefront, Gestalten Space, ever since it opened last year in Berlin. Tucked away in a cobblestone alley in Mitte, Gestalten Space sells the imprint...