George Jones

George Jones: He Stopped Loving Her Today
Known as much for his love of cocaine and whiskey as his incredible ability to write and perform, country music legend George Jones passed away Friday at 81 years old. His discography includes a mountain of number one hits, many of them duets with...
Blludd Relations: Even Steven
Effortlessly catchy, "Even Steven" is from British producer Bullion and Jesse Hackett (of Owiny Sigoma Band fame), who together work under the moniker Blludd Relations. Pop on some headphones and take a stroll around the park on a sunny day with this...
Quasimoto: Planned Attack
Stones Throw offered a glimpse at Quasimoto's forthcoming album, Yessir Whatever with the release of "Planned Attack" on SoundCloud this week. While we're looking forward to more hits like this from Madlib's "helium-voiced alter ego," we're admittedly...
Kalabrese: Independent Dancer
"Oooooh, you blow my mind..." croons Sacha Winkler, the Swiss artist better known as Kalabrese. His just-released album, Independent Dancer, has all the makings to blow your mind with its captivating blend of styles, which span electronica, funk, disco...
Richie Havens: Freedom Sweating and strumming the guitar with artistic force, folk singer Richie Havens opened up Woodstock in '69 with a three-hour-long, 11-song set that culminated with "Freedom." A star on the rise, the Brooklyn artist set the...