NSFW at OUTLET, Brooklyn
Portraits of naked women litter gallery and art fair walls; but spotting the contemporary male nude, in contrast, seems to be as rare as sighting the yeti. The male gaze is still alive and kicking—evident across every visual medium, from film to...
The Real Thing at NYC's Flowers Gallery
This Thursday, the Chelsea, NYC location of Flowers Gallery opens "The Real Thing," a group exhibition featuring photography from four different artists questioning social constructs of gender, identity, femininity and more. Most of the four have...
Annie Leibovitz's “Women: New Portraits”
It’s been over 15 years since Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag created the original “Women” project, featuring a selection of women from all sections of American society. Now, Swiss bank UBS has commissioned a follow-up to that seminal work: “Women...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. "Flaming" Auroras in Sweden Capturing the Aurora Borealis is nothing new for nature photographers, but it’s possible nobody else has seen anything close to what astrophotographer Göran Strand did one night in Sweden. In a video called “Flaming...
Vanessa Newman
It's hard to believe that the oft-told story of meeting a best friend was the impetus behind something as radical as Vanessa Newman's ButchBaby—the first-ever “alternity-wear” company for the those expecting. It caters to people who are bearing children...
Photographer Jessica Yatrofsky's "I Heart Girl"
For a portrait photographer, mastering the finer points of three-point lighting is as important as bringing out the best in your subjects. Brooklyn-based multimedia artist and photographer Jessica Yatrofsky has clearly excelled in both; constructing...
This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids
Over the last four years, Dannielle Owens Reid and Kristin Russo have used their platform Everyone is Gay to answer pressing questions asked by members of the LGBTQ community and their families. As their charm and wisdom has granted honest hope...
Photographer Arvida Byström on Selfies and Gender Identity
Two years ago, Swedish artist Arvida Byström grew tired of the lack of jobs and places to live in her native Stockholm and left for London. Since then, she’s put on shows at her own gallery Gal in Limehouse, East London, and worked on a number...
Interview: Jonathan Harris
We first spoke with artist Jonathan Harris six years ago and gained some insight into his process and work at the time. Since, Harris has continued to create extremely involved and engaging work, exploring the human condition through a technological...