Game Design

Indie and Experimental Video Games at 2015 ArtCade Con
What a time to be alive—especially if you play video games. The interactive entertainment medium has never been more exciting, and from blockbuster narrative masterpieces to low-budget experimental gems, the limits of technology and creativity...
Game Developer Other Ocean's #IDARB
From their headquarters Emeryville, CA and three studios in Canada and Northern California, game developers Other Ocean work on a multitude of projects that span mobile, handheld and console games. They've produced numerous noteworthy titles over...
Interactive Education with 1000 Days of Syria
When journalist Mitch Swenson ventured into the north of Syria in September 2013, he witnessed the tragic depths of the war first-hand. Most of the conflict coverage centered around the cities, but Swenson soon found that no person was left untouched...
Osmo by Tangible Play
During the annual Toy Fair in NYC in February, between the Grumpy Cat plush dolls and temporary tattoos that sing and dance, we discovered a gem: an educational toy that makes use of the iPad in an unconventional way. Instead of being an app that...
Kaho Abe of the NYU Game Innovation Lab
In anticipation of NYU's Brooklyn Polytechnic artist-in-residence Kaho Abe's presentation at Kill Screen's upcoming Two5six conference, we visited the one-time fashion designer, then wearable technology pioneer, now game developer on campus. The...
As the NASA spacecraft Voyager I pierced the outer reaches of our solar system in its 36th year of travel (and became the farthest manmade craft from Earth), New York City designer Ken Amarit questioned "what it means to be on an endless mission...