Gore Tex

Converse's Artist-Driven Urban Utility Capsule Collection
Stepping beyond their basic but brilliant Essentials collection, Converse has unveiled the forthcoming 17-piece Urban Utility collection, stepping in to the outdoors-inspired urban outerwear game full force. And to mark the new line launch there...
Albert Cap
Two outdoor experts have come together and created a range that's loud and—more importantly—functional. Herschel and GORE-TEX teamed up for a range of hats that will keep your head dry in rain or even hail. Made from three-layer water- and wind-proof...
Interview: Nike ACG Senior Design Director Matthew Millward
Blending complex, rich design narratives into every product is one of the reasons that, since it's start in 1964, Nike remains one of the world's most fascinating brands. A passion for innovation lives in the halls of the Beaverton, Oregon-based...
Three Blacked-out Boots For Fall
With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter here in NYC, it's the optimal time to invest in versatile all-weather footwear. Opting for the color that truly does go with everything, we sought out boots in all black that could standup...
Gore-Tex's Surround Technology
Staying dry inside and out is one of the core challenges designers and materials scientists face when creating apparel and footwear for performance in the elements. Oftentimes, breathability is sacrificed for greater waterproofing or vice versa—except...