French Press

Glass French Press
Taking a classic design and adding beautiful contemporary flair, Saint Augustine, FL-based Yield's Glass French Press is made from premium heat-proof borosilicate glass, so it can withstand super-high temperatures. Available in gray, orange or clear...
Simpli's Redesigned French Press
There's a richness to French press coffee one doesn't really find from a lot of other coffee makers. There's also a general ease to brewing with one. It's simple. It's fast. But ultimately, it's messy—with grounds needing a place to go and relentlessly...
Duo Coffee Steeper
Kickstarted into reality, SF-based Fellow Products' debut offering combines the best of two techniques—French press and manual pour-over—for a bold cup of coffee—without the sludge. Foolproof to use (and clean), with two removable stainless steel filters...
Espro Press + George Howell Coffee
It's no secret we're coffee fanatics here at CH HQ. When we're not in Portland coveting a cup of Heart or visiting LA for a pristine espresso by Handsome Coffee Roasters we're always on the lookout for some accessible coffee to accompany our all...
Café Luxe Kit
Coffee snobs don't have many options when it comes to camping, a hobby dominated by single-serving packs of less-than-tasty instant brews. For those unwiling to sacrifice fresh brewed flavor on mountain treks (not to mention superior design), Snow...