Mark Mothersbaugh + Shane Baum Eyewear
As a member of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh is often recognized by his iconic assortment of spectacular spectacles. Now he's sharing his love for unique glasses by launching a collection of eyewear in collaboration with his wife Anita Greenspan and designer...
Affordable Frames from Seneca Eyewear
While Warby Parker has been the indisputable leader of the affordable designer eyewear movement, a new wave of like-minded brands (David Kind, for example) have quickly caught on—resulting in even more choices for the discerning but economical customer...
Chilli Beans x YACHT Collaborate on Fun Eyewear
Earlier this year, casual Brazilian eyewear brand Chilli Beans collaborated with bounce music artist Big Freedia on a collection of sunglasses and optical frames. They've hit a home run again working with YACHT, a playful duo—Jona Bechtolt and Claire...
Genesis Bikes' Carbon Zero
If there's one thing UK-based Genesis Bikes knows, it's humility. The brand makes no mistakes about its place in the bike industry. They describe themselves as not the biggest, not the oldest, not the most technically advanced, but always striving...
Sons + Daughters: Class of 2014 Collection
Fashion stylist Shiva Shabani and art director Calvin Yu started Sons + Daughters in 2011 when their friends complained about the dearth of quality, stylish eyewear options available for their kids. Creating adventurous frame styles that complement...
Lesca Lunetier Eyewear, Paris
Celebrating 50 years of creating high quality eyewear frames, France's Lesca Lunetier recently opened a new flagship shop and showroom in Paris' Le Marais area. To add depth to the retail experience, the family-owned eyewear brand shares the space...
by Dora Haller When a navy blue Aston Martin with a cream-caramel interior stopped in front of Heritage-Paris' atelier, founder and owner Cyril Saulnier figured the driver must be lost. Turned out it was a new client, wishing to order a bicycle...
Waiting For The Sun
by Dora Haller Paris-based brand Waiting For the Sun (aka W/SÜN) may sound familiar; CH recently included their frames in a round-up of sustainable sunglasses. We delved deeper this time by meeting with Antoine Mocquard and Julien Tual, the two...
Interview: Jean-Marc Virard
RIGARDS may be the new kid on the independent eyewear block but there is no ounce of hesitation in the bold statement they're making. Their handcrafted matte horn frames strike a perfect balance between avant-garde and wearable, serving as an antithesis...
Miltzen Frames
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Acrylic Block Frames
$14 width="100" height="100" /> $14