Found Objects

Jaki Coffey's Skips
Based in Dublin, Jaki Coffey is a designer who is drawn—you might say magnetized—to rubbish. It’s her muse, or as she puts it: “Lust in Found.” Basing her latest project “Skips” (on display last week at London's New Designers show) more directly...
Viktor Koen takes pictures of renaissance rapiers in museum corridors. He hordes images of salmon steaks, microscopes, beheaded dolls and nautilus shells. From the thousands of archived shots, the Greek typographical artist composes unique alphabets...
Ampersand Gallery
Even on a street bustling with galleries and boutiques, Ampersand Gallery stands out. Owner Myles Haselhorst opened the intimate space in Portland, OR in 2008 to create, he says, something that "feels less like a retail store and more like the interior...
Union Wood Co.
Inspired by the nostalgia of old wooden docks, mills and factories that once thrived in Vancouver, Union Wood Co.'s recently opened shop in the city's developing Downtown-Eastside community is a haven for those who covet vintage, repurposed and...
Stutterheim Raincoats
When it comes to the genesis of his namesake rainwear brand, Swedish designer Alexander Stutterheim remembers it quite simply. "It was raining really heavily on the way to a big meeting with Saab and I was early so I stopped in a cafe for a coffee...
Anyone and No One
Currently at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, "Anyone and No One" is an exhibition that tests the limits of scale and complexity. The three pieces that compose the show are situated in both of Paul Kasmin's two Chelsea locations—a first for the gallery...