Factory Visit: Christian Louboutin's Aurelien Production Facility
Tuscany's international renown stems from its nature and art—the beauty of the hills and the enduring magic of the Renaissance. The crafts of the region are also very well known—leather in particular. But most people are unaware of the level of sophistication...
Hotel Milu, Florence
Florence tends to be synonymous with art, but oftentimes we think of ancient palazzos, classic paintings and iconic sculptures. The city, however also has a vibrant contemporary side, driven by fashion, art and food. Hotel Milu, a new boutique property...
Italy in Your Pocket: Fathom's New Honeymoon Guides
Travel website Fathom, which we love for their anti-tourist spin and overall practical—rather than eye candy—approach, has just debuted a new set of ebooks, dubbed Fathom Honeymoon Guides. The team has put together flexible three-day itineraries...
Mercato Centrale, Florence
by Ananda Pellerin When visitors walk through the sliding doors into Florence's Mercato Centrale they are immediately hit by the earthy smell of truffles. The intoxicating scent is emanating from the Savini Tartufi counter, where they have (among...
Word of Mouth Florence: Food + Drink
There's no shortage of tips for Italy's wildly popular Tuscan capital, but with so many tourist offerings pumping through the historic town of Florence, it's easy to end up eating a subpar pizza near the steps of the illustrious Duomo. Venturing into...
The Bulgari Octo: Il Duomo, Florence
The next stop in our ongoing series with Bulgari is in celebration of the designs that inspired their Octo watch line, which happens to be one of the most globally recognizable basilicas: Florence, Italy's The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore—more...
SuperDuper Handmade Hats
When we think of Made in Italy, we usually assume that family traditions, ancient techniques and heritage are naturally involved. SuperDuper Handmade Hats are the exception. The Florence-based company produces entirely handmade hats using unique...
2 Piece Key Ring
Handcrafted in Florence, this elegantly modest keyring, like any item from Il Bisonte, develops a unique patina over time, which is formed through years of use. The two-piece structure allows you to carry more without adding bulk.