Good Magazine: Transparency
Good Magazine definitely lives up to its title, so discovering their Flickr page aggregating one of our favorite regular features, spreads of their info-graphics called Transparency, feels like striking Good gold. The colorful charts cleverly...
Blow Up Your Flickr: New Online Fullscreen Photo Viewer
We love our Flickr but the presentation of the pictures has always left a little to be desired—which is why we're so stoked on the new free photo viewer Blow Up. Blow Up makes use of the recently opened-up Flickr API to show your Flickr...
The World Clock Project
The World Clock Project is a website that displays the current time (in your time zone) using photos of clocks shot around the globe. They're always looking for more shots to fill the empty time-slots and anyone can contribute images (preferably...
Moo MiniStickers
MOO launches their new MiniStickers concept today and it's another awesome customizable stationary accessory. Like their other items, you can upload pictures from a Flickr, Bebo or Habbo account (or directly through their site) but this time...
PictoBrowser Plug-in for Flickr
PictoBrowser is an indispensable freeware web application written by New York interactive designers Diego Bauducco and Carlos Gomez. It allows users to browse and display images from Flickr on any web page in a stylish, crisp flash-based interface...
Photo Album Alternatives
Recent years have seen several offline products that are a way to enjoy all the digital photos that otherwise end up lost to the inner depths of our hard drives or on Flickr servers. For a mom looking to show off photos, we put together a few options...
"Are you sick of finding pictures of yourself on the internet? Are you annoyed by the way your eyes look? Do you wish that documentation did not exist?" FlickrBlockrs solve all the problems posed by the many party photo takers and street...
Moo NoteCards
Bringing digital photos to print, Moo's newest product also encourages offline correspondence. Much like their original mini cards, Moo prints images uploaded from a Flickr, Bebo or Habbo account (or directly through their site) onto a square...
Spell With Flickr, a fun tool from the script-savvy Kastner, allows you to piece together words in classic ransom-note style without the hassle of scissors and paste. The code scours the Flickr archives for photographs tagged as letters and then randomly...