RHONE Premium Activewear for Men
In just a few years Rhone has taken the men’s activewear market by storm with their focus on making comfortable clothing that outperforms the competition. Created by guys for guys, the company’s whole focus is on helping customers perform their best...
Y-3 Launches Y-3 Sport
Though Y-3 is a beautiful collaboration between avant-garde Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and global sportswear brand adidas, surprisingly, it's always been a fashion-first line. After 15 years, Yamamoto has thought it the proper time to go deep...
HTC + Under Armour's HealthBox Fitness Tracking Set
In the age of quantifiable self, there are many devices offering an array of useful functionality. Fortunately, the UA HealthBox—developed by HTC and Under Armour—delivers one of the most comprehensive packages and, thus, plenty of data. The three...
Mighty Audio's Portable Player
There's now a tech solution for those who are tired of having their phone tag along on fitness activities but don't want to give up their perfectly tailored Spotify playlists. Allowing runners, bikers and others to detach from the physical (and...
Band 2
In the second reiteration of its fitness tracker, Microsoft swaps out the flat display for a curved one (now protected with Gorilla Glass 3), creating a more refined look and fit. Underneath the hood are 11 sensors (including built-in GPS) that track...
Jawbone UP Gets Back on Track
Released earlier this spring, the new generation of Jawbone UP products (2, 3 and 4, the latter which includes contactless AmEx payments on top of heart rate and temperature tracking) offered a favorable initial impression, but after a few weeks...
Fashion Meets Function with ADAY's Activewear
We've seen the rise of independent brands like Outdoor Voices blurring the line between gym attire and streetwear, and fellow newcomer ADAY sets the bar high for apparel that can perform, but also, not look like gym attire. In fact, a quick scroll...
Jawbone UP 2, 3, 4
Jawbone, an early mover in the wearable fitness tracker category, today announced two new products and shared updates on a third. The UP2 replaces the UP24, the UP3 adds cardiovascular and temperature tracking and the UP4 layers in contactless payments...
Olio Model One Smartwatch
by Michael Frank The team behind the new Olio Model One—veterans of Apple, Google, Movado, Audi and Pixar—have acknowledged something that all smartwatch makers should too: the fact that, for 400 years, people have been choosing watches for style...
Wearable Water: Active Hydration
Whether you are in a boat, a board, hiking a trail or pounding the pavement, staying hydrated while on the move—especially in the heat—is critical. Lugging around clunky bottles can be cumbersome and heavy, so we've searched for some of the best wearable...
Nordic Skiing: The Basics
As the Nordic World Championship draws to a close in Falun, Sweden, you don't have to have a designated Nordic center in your backyard to strap on your skis. Cross-country skiing is a versatile sport for the transitional seasons. From the traditional...
Reaching Optimal Body Composition with S10 Training
A block below the downtown Canal Street subway stop in Manhattan is a space lacking any signage on Walker Street. Passersby—unable to see clearly through the blue-tinted windows—walk in, and are greeted by a large-scale photograph by artist Jim...
Hock Design Fitness Equipment
Kristof Hock knew there was a better way of doing things. Years ago—while working as a product manager in the fitness industry—he would visit Nantong, China to meet with manufacturers. He remembers the polluted air and the bedraggled workforce—mainstays...
Rotator Jump Rope
For those that take fitness as seriously as they take design, look to German newcomer Hock. Founded in 2009 by Kristof Hock, the eponymous label uses only certifiably sustainable and natural materials for its handsome workout gear, while adhering to...
Ralph Lauren's Polo Tech Shirt
The wearable tech field just got a little bit more elegant, thanks to Ralph Lauren. The American luxury giant debuts the Polo Tech shirt at the 2014 US Open, where several ball boys will wear the shirt on-court. Partnering with Montreal-based wellness...
Modern Sportswear from Monreal London
For all the emphasis placed on fitness these days, between newfangled workouts and wearable tech to help count the daily burn, the appropriate apparel hasn't become any more advanced. There's an obvious dearth of innovative, design-conscious activewear...
KidFit: A Wearable Activity Tracker for Children
Wearable technology is increasingly a part of everyday life. From measuring sleep and activity to integrating fully with smartphones via Glass or smartwatches, these gadgets are only set to grow in popularity and sophistication. However, tech accessories...
Brooklyn Boulders
Just because you live closer to a subway station than a decent-sized cliff doesn't mean you can't climb. Brooklyn Boulders is the sanctuary for both the experienced climber as well as the curious (full disclosure: the first time is the hardest on the...
Basis Band and App
The wearable activity monitor market has exploded; we saw more than 30 players at this year's CES. Basis—an easy-to-use watch with a mobile and web app offers data more advanced than most of the competition through monitoring and leveraging heart...
Enduro Bites
Whether it's skiing, running, or pushing the pedals on the road or single track, your body needs fuel to keep moving. As much as we'd like to nosh on a burrito during a long ride, it doesn't exactly travel well. There's no shortage of portable energy...
Opedix KNEE-Tec
Getting older isn't all "silver fox" gray hairs and acquiring sage wisdom; running up the years has a few downsides. Staying healthy enough year-in, year-out to do the sports we love—from charging backcountry powder in the mountains to simply taking...
Jawbone UP 24 Data Visualization
As noted before, not only is information useful, it's also beautiful. Recognizing this, the recently appointed VP of Data at sleep and health data tracking device Jawbone, Monica Rogati, has partnered with artist Shantell Martin to utilize all the...
Going into the outdoors is about getting away from it all, but it's also fun to share your experiences. (We're not too proud to admit we've hoofed the last few steps to a snow-capped summit in anticipation of a blockbuster Instagram post.) For those...
Nike FuelBand SE
Following up last year's launch of the industry-changing Nike FuelBand, the global athletics and lifestyle force recently released their follow-up, the FuelBand SE, to a very eager market. After its high profile launch last month, CH had the chance...
The Square
Guaranteed for life, Clean Bottle's stainless steel packs a big punch. The 100% BPA-free construction and square shape prevent it from rolling away when dropped, both ends unscrew for an easier cleaning and drying process, and 10% of all profits are...
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