Fish Hotel Aquarium
Whether getting a new gilled friend, or wanting to offer your goldfish a little vacation, this fish hotel aquarium is a thoughtful alternative to the traditional fish bowl. Measuring 20cm x 19cm x 19cm, the cubist hotel can be stacked to create a complex...
Cooking with Bottarga Dell'Isola
It's understandable if you haven't yet heard of bottarga, as there are many names around the world for this umami-rich epicurean delicacy. For those familiar with the dried, pressed and salted roe (or filled egg sack) of the grey mullet fish, it still...
Interview: Photographer Michael Muller
LA-based photographer Michael Muller has captured celebrities (including Rihanna for her album cover Unapologetic) to mutants and superheroes (the movie posters for "X-Men Apocalypse" and "Captain America: Civil War" to name a few), but the most fascinating...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Chicago's Proposed Aerial Cable Car System While some cities are considering self-driving pods or improved water ferry routes (like Singapore and NYC respectively), Chicago is looking to the sky to transport its citizens. Architecture firms...
Exploring Design in Thailand and Tokyo
With a long list of recommendations and high hopes, we recently left NYC behind for a week exploring Thailand and Tokyo by way of All Nippon Airways (ANA). Though the trip from New York's JFK airport was lengthy, ANA's business class kept us well...
Alici di Menaica Anchovies
Only a small pocket of fishermen on the Cilento coast of Italy still catch anchovies in the ancient Menaica technique, named for the nets they use. Their process epitomizes the concept of slow food, and involves a nightly excursion with the special...
London's Tincan Restaurant
by Adam Coghlan One of the more intriguing culinary experiments we've seen in some time comes from an unlikely source: award-winning architecture and design practice AL_A. With Tincan—a new six-month-long temporary restaurant and shop in London...
Word of Mouth: Tokyo Street Food + Drink
by Jennifer Miller Unlike Southeast Asian countries, Japan isn’t known for its street food. Munching on the sidewalk is generally considered impolite—a fact that is tacitly reinforced by the lack of public trash cans. (Somehow, Japanese cities manage...
Hauki Oven Mitten
Even an oven mitt deserves to be beautiful, and Marimekko does a mighty fine job of accesorizing a design-focused cooktop area with this kitchen glove featuring a majestic fish.
iMac Aquarium
With new computers becoming archaic more immediately than ever before, luckily there are clever thinkers like Jake Harms in the world. From his humble and self-grown shop, Harms transforms would-be-discarded iMacs into aquatic wonderlands. Infinitely...
Skuna Bay Salmon
Feasting on Drago Centro's celery root panna cotta topped with lightly smoked salmon, we discovered the story behind the beautiful piece of craft-raised fish, sourced by Chef Ian Gresik from Vancouver Island's Skuna Bay. In a world where fish populations...
Unless you go custom, aquariums rarely do much to elevate the humble fish's status anywhere close to that of furry four-legged friends. Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg has taken on the plight of the fish, designing an attractive split-level...
Nature's Catch Smoked Salmon Jerky
A traveler's staple, beef jerky boasts a low calorie count but provides little other health benefits. Nature's Catch serves up a nutritiously tasty substitute with their Smoked Salmon Jerky. Using only wild Alaskan salmon, the Blaine, Washington...
Kevin Joo Hwang
Parsons grad Kevin Joo Hwang's thesis collection mixes a traditional menswear palette with a feminine take on early twentieth century Southeast Asian fishermen. The 25-year-old California native focuses on making wearable clothes, emphasizing the...
Seafood Watch Pocket and iPhone Guides
California's Monterey Bay Aquarium created several simple ways to keep track of which fish are in short supply with their newly updated pocket guides and iPhone application. Ideal for chefs or anyone with a conscientious mind, the geographically...
Photographer and Fisherman Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold's world straddles two disparate, yet wonderfully integrated, pursuits—he works as both a professional photographer and an Alaskan crab fisherman. Now there's a story. We asked him how his inside perspective on human and...
FishPhone Text Messaging Service
Without FishPhone, an SMS-based application that keeps up-to-date statistics on the nebulous field of ocean friendly seafood, eating fish can be like walking a minefield these days. You shouldn't get the Yellowfin Tuna or risk eating mercury...
Lucas Isawa: Koinobori
By combining traditional Japanese Carp-shaped wind socks with paper lanterns, artist Lucas Isawa has turned his floating and illuminated school of fish into a breathtakingly peaceful spectacle. Building on koinobori (wind socks decorated with colorful...
Infinity Aquarium
Part of their Forever! series, BCXSY designed this polygonal aquarium so that fish endlessly swim around the geometrical shape. Similar to modern-day insane asylums, which are designed with connected lap-like hallways instead of dead end hallways...
Labyrinth Aquarium
Are your fish envious of your hamster's Habitrail? Now you can hook them up in style with a Labyrinth Aquarium, which features multiple connected tanks for your fish to explore. The aquariums come with all of the filters, lights, pumps and cleaning...
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