Fender Play
by Sun Bak Guitar, bass and amp manufacturer Fender wants to build lifelong relationships with their customers—and they're working toward this by providing useful services to make sure new guitar owners don't become "it's-somewhere-in-the-closet...
Fender’s ModShop Offers a Custom Experience with Digital Ease
Musicians tend to develop special relationships with their instruments. Though some rockers famously trash their gear after shows, many cherish particular pieces of equipment for decades. Eric Clapton once wept after selling one of his prized six-strings...
Ass Savers
It's no secret that cyclists are particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of their rides—whether it's a tried and true steel frame commuter or a state-of-the-art carbon fiber racer—yet adding anything to distract from the bike's original form is...
Plume Mudguard
Inclement weather and clunky fenders beware: Plume's new mudguard (a Britishism for fender) will keep cyclists on the road—and dry—no matter what Mother Nature has in mind, all the while keeping the aesthetic of the two-wheeled machine intact. Inspired...