Interview: Artist Polly Nor
Polly Norton’s female characters are as 21st century as they come: fun-loving, unabashedly sexual, and doing whatever the hell they want—whether that is hanging out with devils, being devils, lazily sex surfing, or having some fun with lava lamps...
What We're Reading: Music Books
After you've listened to album after album on Spotify, recovered from a weeknight concert, bombasted by music at the local bar, it's sometimes nice to let the ears rest. There's still another way to get your music fix, however—in the form of bound...
Femsplain's Female-Powered Content Community
When Amber Gordon left her role as a creative strategist for Tumblr, it wasn't to go on a soul-searching mission. In fact, she had already found her calling—and had founded it in the process. Gordon's brainchild, Femsplain, delivers a platform for...
The Public Profile of An American Girl
As of September 2013, Facebook reported that 350 million new photos were uploaded each day—and Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities dictates that under the public setting anyone can access and use that information. Raising questions...
Filmme Fatales
After moving back home to Australia last year and starting a career in social media marketing, Brodie Lancaster missed the writing and editing of her old job, as the managing editor of in New York. Armed with an address book of talented...
by Janine Stankus Pantyhose, nylons, stockings—whatever you call them, if you're a woman you've worn them, and you may well scorn them. Artist Katya Usvitsky casts a long look on this classic undergarment for her upcoming exhibition, "Polymorph...
Bunny Yeager's Darkroom
In a time of rampant racism and sexism, before the word feminism had entered the American lexicon, there was a culture of taboo surrounding scantily clad pin-up girls that was dominated by men with cameras. In a scenario where women were always...