Fat Bikes

Hellga: The World's First Women-Specific Fat Bike
For riding through snow fields, mountains, the beach and just about any other place your adventuring might occur, the Hellga from Specialized is the world's first women-specific fat bike. The bike has a muscular, stocky build—a shorter reach, stack...
Test Ride: Charge Cooker Maxi 2
Fat bikes are quickly becoming a staple in every cyclist's quiver. While the bikes have opened up winter riding to the masses, they aren't just for snow anymore. Many riders are finding themselves drawn to their fat bike no matter the season or terrain...
Test Ride: 2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon Fatbike
What was once thought to be a novelty by some in the bike community, innovations in both technology and design (not to mention trail infrastructure) suggest that the fat bike is here to stay. Built off the basics of mountain bike frame geometry...
Budnitz Bicycles FTB
Over their brief two and half years in the bike game, Burlington, Vermont-based Budnitz Bicycles has released a wide range of some of the most high-performance bikes on the market. Specializing in titanium, cantilevered frames, precise geometry and...
Salsa Cycles Mukluk TI
When the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling, most bikers either hitch their ride to an indoor trainer or exchange their wheels for another activity. After a recent trip to Michigan's rugged Upper Peninsula, we found that in the colder...