Factory tours

CHV: Kawasaki Building The Wheel
In our fourth and final piece from our visit with Kawasaki in Lincoln, NE we went to a smaller corner of their enormous plant. While probably the least glamorous of their products, their wheels may be the most practical and abundant. The company...
CHV: Kawasaki Jet Ski Assembly Line
The third video from our visit to Kawasaki's labyrinthine production facility covers their jet ski assembly line. Perhaps unknown to most water-faring hobbyists, constructing a jet ski is a rather complicated process involving a multitude of impressive...
CHV: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Facility
In the second video in our series from Kawasaki's plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, we visit the company's railcar facility. While the brand is traditionally associated with the power-sports industry, they actually manufacture an enormous array of products...
CHV: Kawasaki Hydrographic Painting
We recently toured the cavernous Kawasaki Motors plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. Within the endless production lines—making products ranging from ATVs to subway cars—we found the company uses several fascinating industrial processes. This is the first...
Moog Music Factory Tour
In the hubbub between panels showcasing the future of music composition and performance (like autonomous robots in operas) and outdoor shows by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, we took a breather during Moogfest (the recently revived five-day showcase...
Cool Hunting Video: Satya Twena Hats
When in Manhattan's Garment District recently, we toured a traditionally run hat factory that's dedicated to truly handmade, local products. Guided by owner and milliner Satya Twena—who raised enough money to save the factory from closing just a...
Danner Factory Tour
Like many heritage brands, the Portland, Oregon-based boot manufacturer Danner Boots has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. Danner was founded in 1932 as a manufacturer of top-of-the-line work and logging boots, but when Japanese footwear retailer...