Experimental Art

Norberto Rodriguez's "ART, AMIRITE?" at Maitland Foley Gallery, LA
In a fascinating (albeit potentially difficult to understand via words) artistic endeavor, Cuban-born Norberto Rodriguez of NOR(BERT)O inc. has created "ART AMIRITE?"—a show at LA's Maitland Foley which is a collection of objects, artworks and artifacts...
"Save As..." at NYC Pop-Up Gallery, Bunker
Is art produced by a computer (with a human creator behind it) any less valuable than works created by a maker’s hands? The answer, of course, is no. And yet, the place of digitally crafted works has still not been wholly embraced by the art...
BIO:DIP at Red Bull Studios New York
Even before entering "BIO:DIP"—an exhibition at Red Bull Studios, New York that comes with a healthy dose of chemistry information—visitors will notice that the building's windows have been painted over in a lush, ruby red. It turns out they were painted...
Robbie Thomson’s Spectacular XFRMR (Transformer)
Imagine the spectacle of a summer thunderstorm—with its smell of ozone, flashes of lightning and the charge of electricity in the air. What if you could somehow control the power of the lightning and harness it to create an artificial performance...
Recap: Satellite's Artist-Run Space at Miami Art Week 2015
If you're measuring in internet time, Miami Art Week 2015 is long over, but there was one show we can't get out of our minds—the inaugural Satellite Art Show. A brainchild of Brian Whiteley (founder of the now-defunct SELECT Art Fair), the brand new...
The Silent Shout
With thought-provoking art projects like "Geometric Porn" (an exercise in which simple shapes can imply something much more powerful—and, in this case, erotic) and "Enlighten the Unpredictable" (a hypothetical trail of a particle in random Brownian...
Charged: Sougwen Chung
Sougwen Chung has always had an affinity for computers and digital technology. The artist had her first website at the age of ten—"an oddly personal site," she recalls. In addition to the language of code, Chung is also conversant in music. Her father...
2014 Drawing Now Paris
The eighth edition of Drawing Now Paris, the art fair dedicated to contemporary illustration, proved that drawing is not dead and, furthermore, showed that the medium is sprawling and verging into other forms of visual art. Evolving to include 3D objects...