Shuh Lee's Kaleidoscopic World
Shuh Lee creates with the boldness of Keith Haring mixed with the pure whimsy of a kid's collage art project. Using unrefined patterns and a prism of bright pastels, Shuh has developed a multidisciplinary style that should overwhelm; instead, her...
Leave Earth Behind: "The Universe is a Small Hat"
It's not extraordinarily uncommon to dream of packing your belongings, jumping on a spaceship and leaving Earth far, far behind. Motives may differ, from a hope to escape a planet polluted by unpleasantries, to an insatiable desire for adventure...
Black Mountain College
A definitive written account of the fabled experimental institution where Buckminster Fuller created his first dome and Merce Cunningham founded his dance company, as well as countless other artists who defined the 60's avant-garde in America.
ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials
Fashion expert Sass Brown's book shows the future of sustainable fashion—ethical and experimental, without losing its focus on aesthetics. ReFashioned features 46 international designers which demonstrate a solid reality that is shaping creativity...
Interview: Will Epstein of High Water
Since graduating from college last year, musician Will Epstein has kept a low profile despite assembling an impressive resume. Born and raised in NYC's TriBeCa neighborhood, Epstein went on to study electronic music at Brown University, the same...
theNewerYork Anthology
For those who have nothing left to pick over at the local bookstore's summer display, theNewerYork looks to shake things up in the mainstream literary world by hosting alternatives to the "triumvirate" of poetry, short stories and novels. With the...
Space, Interiors and Exteriors, 1972
At first glance, this art book looks out-of-date with its 1970s desaturated colors, as if salvaged from a garage sale. Co-published this year by PictureBox and art gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey to offer a glimpse into the hazy world of radical and...
Dinos Chapman: Luftbobler
by Sabine Zetteler Created after a decade of audio experimentation, visual artist Dinos Chapman has emerged from his basement of beats with a new album that delights and disturbs in almost equal measure. His first foray into music production is unconventional...
Land of Light
Land Of Light, an eponymous new album from London-based duo Jonny Nash and Kyle Martin, is an ethereal labor of love intended for serious listening. The talented musicians spent the last three years creating the 37-minute-long LP, and the upshot...
The Ganzfeld EP
For their 20th anniversary as both musical and romantic partners, M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel—a duo better known as Matmos—are releasing an evocative new EP that dives deep into the psyche. Dubbed "The Ganzfeld," the intriguing three...
Fugazi Edits
Founder of music label Case/Martingale and recent resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine, music maker and producer Chris Lawhorn has created Fugazi Edits, a new record made entirely by sampling every single song in the band Fugazi's discography. The...
OLO Fragrance
Perfumer Heather Sielaff hand-blends idiosyncratic, mostly masculine scents for her label OLO Fragrance in her apartment in north Portland. "I'm not really girly," she admits, and her perfumes tend to be intriguing rather than sweetly attractive...
Bentley EXP 9 F SUV Concept
From idea to reality in a mere seven months, Bentley's polarizing EXP 9 F SUV concept premiered at the Geneva auto show in March 2012. Darren Day, the Senior Interior Designer at Bentley Motors and one of the lead designers on the concept, walked...
The Tea Rockers Quintet
One of the most interesting phenomena to hit Chinese avant-garde music is The Tea Rockers Quintet—a tea ceremony performed by master Lao Gu and accompanied by the all-stars of Chinese contemporary music: contemporary folk singer Xiao He...
New Research
Month of Photography LA was introduced in 2009 to showcase contemporary photography across commercial, fine art and photojournalism with events, group shows and artist talks. Now in its fourth year, MOPLA 2012's theme takes aim at the exploration...
Studio Visit: Joshua Light Show
Meeting Joshua White and Gary Panter is like stepping back in time. Not because White is responsible for creating the Joshua Light Show—the beautifully psychedelic backdrop that entertained thousands at Fillmore East concerts for Janis Joplin...
Water Avenue Coffee
Portland has developed quite a name for itself over the years as a hub for coffee innovation. Whether it boils down to exotic beans, an experienced roaster, the espresso machine or the whole package, each boutique that opens up has a fresh spin...
Gallery by Minty Concept Club
Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk opened Gallery by Minty Concept Club in Prague less than a year ago and already it's become the city's go-to destination as an experiential retail and gallery. "Gallery is a space where people meet, browse through new magazines...
Wrk-Shp by Airi Isoda
Many fashion designers may describe their work as architectural, citing structural influences in the accessories and garments they create, but few would actually follow their compatriot, Airi Isoda, to the hardware store. Along with her fianc...
Sleep No More
An intensely detailed set, we took a minute to find out more about the challenges and excitement of Punchdrunk Theatre Company's Sleep No More's decor from the Associate Designer Livi Vaughan. Check out our video for an in-depth look at what it...
Polyurethane Projects
by Jack Shaw While the idea of elevating industrial materials to the level of high design isn't new, recent creative experiments with polyurethane foam have yielded work that feels undeniably fresh. Widely used in the furniture production process...
Hario vs. Toddy
Cold brewed coffee is smoother, less acidic and exceptionally more tasty than dumping ice into a steaming hot cup of coffee. By relying on time rather than temperature the results are much more concentrated. To see which of the more well known cold...
Critter and Guitari Pocket Pianos
Critter and Guitari, the same experimental audiophiles that came up with a Kaleidescope-inspired music device, recently added a new creation to their line-up of avant-tools. Ultra-portable, simple and versatile, don't let the clean lines of the Pocket...
See! Colour!
The average human takes many things for granted, but in the eyes of American artist James Turrell the light and color around us is top of the list. For the past 30 years the pioneering artist has been creating breathtaking installations based around...
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