Two New Flexible Standing Desk Options
If you've made a New Year's Resolution to get up and be active more often, switching to a standing desk makes for a reasonable action item. As it turns out, standing up all day in the office doesn't work for everyone, so it's wise to find a flexible...
Steelcase Gesture Chair
The way we sit at our desks has changed over the years, which is no surprise considering the increased range and form of our daily tools. Desktop computer screens are bigger, laptops are smaller and now there are tablets and mobile phones in the...
Radius Ergonomic Garden Tools
Serious green thumbs know that hours spent gardening can lead to incredible stress on hands and wrists, a strain Radius Garden helps decrease with their advanced ergonomic garden tools. The patent-pending curved Natural Radius Grip encourages large...
Bagua Shoes
by Paolo Ferrarini of Future Concept Lab Walking a mile in martial arts master Bruce Lee's shoes is a dream likely to never happen, but thanks to French label Bagua we can at least put a little Kung-Fu feeling in our step. Based on the centuries...
Haworth Zody Office Chair
I was very reluctant to give up my Aeron but decided to give Haworth's Zody chair a try. It comes with all the bells and whistles you come to expect from high end office chairs but with less of a jaw dropping price tag. A number of cranks, pulls...
Shuttle Containers
Stefan Diez' Shuttle containers fall into the category of "Practical Yet Elegant." Interchangable lids (in either porcelain or plastic) with rubber seals switch up the function of of the dishwasher- and microwave-safe borosilicate (think thin Pyrex...
Haute Sex
Sex toys as a rule are simply, well, not that sexy. It's as if an invisible line runs between high design and sex, ironically suggesting that sensual curves and lines inspired by the body were somehow irrelevant when created for the body. A recent...
Magppie Bottle Opener
Karim Rashid-designed bottle opener from Magppie (yes, it has two Ps). Sure, it looks like a space-aged Weeble or Gloop and Gleep from the Herculoids, but this elegant device does a lot more than worry about falling down. Its ergonomic design sits...
Tilt and Motion Sensors in Mobiles
Stucon, over at core77, points out that Vodafone's latest handset in Japan will have tilt and acceleration sensors. While the intended application is gaming, there will be support for navigating the phone (with a cursor?!?) and launching applications...
The Oculas 2.0
Isn't it great when those gorgeous concept pieces we see in cult classics like The Oculas. Updates include a motorized door, Dolby 5.1 sound delivered through Harmon Kardon speakers and fully integrated Second Life.
Dog Dish
Dog Dish, from Everyday Studio , is a simple yet functional solution for the design sensitive dog owner who wants to go the extra step for his pooch's ergonomic well being. Otis and Logan are stumpy little guys, but for the longer legged dog, it...
Thumb Keyboard for the PC
Mevael Corporation, in Japan, has developed a one thumb keyboard for text entry and mouse manipulation. The invention is based on the premise that kids in Japan are faster at text entry on their mobiles than on a QWERTY keyboard. I think it would...