Behind the Scenes with Stowaway Cosmetics
When NYC-based Stowaway Cosmetics launched last week, it was clear that founders Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson hit the nail on the head when designing their pocket-sized, essentialist makeup line. Barely a week into production, Stowaway has...
A Brighter Future with Prosperity Candles
In 2009, Prosperity Candle began as a project in Baghdad, Iraq. Partnering with Women for Women International, the organization trained 50 women survivors of war to make candles in their homes, and help rebuild their lives through economic empowerment...
99U's Make Your Mark
While the annual 99U conference (previously known as 99%, co-founded by CH and Behance) is a two-day whirlwind affair in NYC, the conference's daily-updated website—and now, their three-part book series—offer a way for creatives to get a more regular...
The Possible Project: A Makerspace for Teen Entrepreneurs
In a world where even a college degree seems to be barely enough to start a successful career path of any kind, entry into the workforce now demands a worthy skill set and competitive edge in a global economy. Anticipating this, lifelong entrepreneurs...
Lessons in Innovation from Raspberry Pi's Jack Lang
At this year's Connected Conference—a Parisian event dedicated to connected hardware and the internet of things—we had the chance to hear Jack Lang, the co-founder of Raspberry Pi, speak. The conference focused on the complexities of open-sourcing...
In Latin, the word “incipit” means "the beginning." Reflecting the word's meaning, Incipit is also a new Milan-based creative lab and business. The aim is simple yet brave: to help young designers produce their first objects by enlisting the best...
Innovate Like A Misfit
Kyra Maya Phillips, the co-author of the upcoming book "The Misfit Economy," encourages readers to think like pirates, gangsters and hackers when approaching business. While researching and writing the book, Phillips spent a couple of years delving...
Originally from Sydney, Australia, Andrew Green only arrived in the States recently—in 2011—but has accomplished quite a lot in the last two years. Thanks to his background as a touring DJ and music journalist, Green honed his people skills that...
Interview: Fionn Dobbin of MAMMU scarves
The words Latvia, high fashion and social change aren't usually uttered in the same sentence, but one man with a million ideas has already begun changing this. Half-Irish, raised in Germany and now based in Latvia, Fionn Dobbin is an international...