Interview: Ankur Jain, Founder of Kairos Society + VP of Product at Tinder
From the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation to the World Economic Forum's select group of Young Global Leaders, Ankur Jain has proven to be more than a serial entrepreneur with an understanding of tech needs. In 2014, we spoke with Jain to...
Highlights from the 2013 TED Fellows
Four years have passed since the first TED Fellows took the stage, and in that time the community has grown to 310 total members representing 75 countries. The current crop of 20 impressed the crowd yesterday as they discussed current and future projects...
Interview: Natasia Guo
In recent years e-commerce has been booming at light-speed in China. Shoppers have quickly become familiar with online wonderlands like Taobao that suck you in as you start looking for an air purifier, only to lose track of time browsing design replicas...
The Ground Magazine
The recently launched web outlet, The Ground, is a multifaceted cultural platform that stands out for its innovative entrepreneurial approach. The project integrates a social network, interactive online publication and promotional platform, as well...
Interview: Richard Branson on Design
by Rod Kurtz When you board a Virgin America plane, distinct aesthetics—purple ambient lights, black leather seats and a flight crew smartly clad in Banana Republic uniforms—make it immediately clear this airline is different. Like the...
Sean Bonner
Sponsored content: Creator, activist and entrepreneur Sean Bonner assumes the cyberpunk intrigue of a character cast in a William Gibson novel one might say. As both a co-founder of L.A.'s hacker haven, Crashspace and regular contributor for BoingBoing...
La Cocina
San Francisco's La Cocina is an entrepreneurial experiment offering low-income food startups commercial space to develop and cultivate their culinary talents into creating viable products. Creators say this incubator kitchen idea concept comes from...
Detroit Lives
The history of Palladium boots has always been one of exploration. Originally started as a tire brand in 1920, Palladium was known for tires so advanced that most European military aircrafts used them for their fleets. However, when the end of World...