Portable Lighting with the Luminoodle
The Salt Lake City, UT-based team Power Practical has some inventive battery-charging solutions under their belt, from their debut product PowerPot (a camping pot that charges your mobile devices as you boil water, thanks to thermoelectric technology...
Office Blend Tea by Daphnis and Chloe
When hitting the post-lunch slump at work, the office stereotypically shuffles over to the coffee pot in search of a fresh jolt. But for those who don't drink caffeine, the stamina-inducing choices have long been slim—energetic teas still contain...
Charged: Solaire Generation
Depending on where you live, parking lots can either feel like a terrific waste of space or woefully inadequate for city needs. Still, they are everywhere, not to mention a critical component of urban planning. Since 2008, Solaire Generation has...
Coco Café
Here at the CH HQ, we have a bit of an obsession with coconut water and coffee. While it never occurred to us to combine our two favorite beverages, a new drink called Coco Café out of California has found synergy among this unconventional pairing...
Aeroshot Pure Energy
In an age when medical marvels such as inhalable vaccines are becoming more widely available, it's only logical that this convenient medium converges with the global energy drink boom. While increasingly smaller forms span shot-like bottles...
NuGo Bars
When you're out and about, pumping iron or just running a busy schedule, it's nice to have a nutrition boost handy. Next time you're in a spot, give NuGo's above-average bars a try. Their use of pure natural ingredients comes through in their taste...
Ever wondered what happens to tasting spoons after you've sampled the latest fro-yo flavor? Peggy Cross did and found the little plastic utensils usually end up sitting in landfills for centuries. Drawing on her experience as a marketing director...
What is American Power?
In 2003 renowned photographer Mitch Epstein unintentionally began a documentary series on the production and consumption of energy in America. Now called "What is American Power?," the Prix Pictet-winning project started while on assignment when...
Nano Solar Paint
Like several other alternative energy sources, the challenge with solar energy isn't quantity (the sun blasts the Earth daily with more than enough energy to cover all of our power needs) but with the ability of current tech to fully harness what...