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Kalimist K Boog Gives Funk a Modern Facelift
The words "hip-hop," "funk" and " Tel Aviv" usually aren't uttered in the same sentence, but one musician is making sure it will soon become commonplace. Daniel Kalimist has been flying under the radar for some time, DJing at local venues like Pasaz...
Stratospheric Visuals from ODESZA
Seattle-based electro outfit ODESZA has captivated critics and fans alike with their unique blend of chillwave synths and textured vocal sampling. Known for creating sonic landscapes with their layered sound, the duo partnered with German "near space...
Interview: Mr Twin Sister
The five members of the band Mr Twin Sister, armed with a name change and their own recently established label (bidding adieu to Domino), are finally letting go of an album three years in the making. And upon listening through the eight tracks in...
Holly Herndon: Home
As an electronic musician, Holly Herndon spends more time than most with her laptop. And, though this relationship is serious, she's indignant about the possibility of a threesome with an unknown surveillor—a sentiment felt by many after Edward Snowden...
Interview: Video Artists Undervolt & Co
Now in its fifth year, new media festival VIA in Pittsburgh (where both video artists and musicians are the headliners) has grown to be a platform that showcases boundary-pushing art, technology and creative exploration, in an approachable setting...
Sustain-Release Music Festival
With festival lineups looking more and more identical, and the overall experience becoming synonymous with struggle and exhaustion, two underground music veterans are offering a new kind of escape that ensures an intimate experience for their familial...
Wysing Arts Centre's 2014 Space-Time: The Future
An hour and a half outside of London and 20 minutes from Cambridge, lies the rural site of Wysing Arts Centre. Over the past few decades, the former farmland has transformed into an incubator for artistic experimentation and collaboration. By focusing...
A Conversation with Composer Cliff Martinez
A Q&A with film score composer Cliff Martinez at Moogfest this year attracted a mix of curious festival attendees and die-hard fans—many of whom cared much more for Martinez's dark, ambient scores than the actual movie plots. The regular Steven Soderbergh...
Interview: Museum of Love
While the much-loved LCD Soundsystem disbanded in 2011, drummer Pat Mahoney has hardly remained idle. In fact, the DFA veteran has literally become even more more vocal in his new collaboration with longtime friend Dennis "Jee Day" McNany (founder...
Interview: Roger Linn
Without a multi-million dollar budget, high-tech research lab or an engineering degree, Roger Linn created the LM-1 Drum Computer in 1979, the first programmable drum machine that used digital samples of acoustic drums. Unlike other drum machines...
Beaty Heart: Kanute's Comin' Round
Colorful, theatrical and existing in a minimal psychedelic world all its own, the video for Beaty Heart's latest release is new ground even for this experimental South London outfit. "Kanute's Comin' Round," finds two masked and costumed dancers drawing...
Molly Ringwald's Jazz Favorites
In honor of the '80s teen star's birthday and recent interview, AnOther Magazine featured an unlikely rundown of Molly Ringwald's favorite jazz tracks. As the interview implies, Ringwald hasn't exactly followed the traditional post-Hollywood path;...
Classixx: Borderline
In light of Cape Town's Design Indaba, this week's #PrivateJam comes from Craig Durrant, drummer of South African indie-rock outfit Desmond and the Tutus. Calling on hectic tour experiences in Japan, Durrant opted for the electro ballad "Borderline...
Small Black feat. Frankie Rose: Lines of Latitude
Brooklyn-based band Small Black add a little more sombreness to their dreamy synth-pop sound with their new track "Lines of Latitude," from of their upcoming EP Real People. Harmonies with fellow Brooklynite Frankie Rose's ethereal voice gives this...
Ajukaja & Andrevski: Rare Birds
The Estonians have infiltrated the realm of deep house—duo Raul “Ajukaja” Saaremets ("Aju" meaning brain and "Kaja" meaning echo) and longtime friend Andrevski composed analog jams on hand-built equipment in their studio located in the country's capital...
Ajukaja & Andrevski: Rare Birds The Estonians have infiltrated the realm of deep house—duo Raul “Ajukaja” Saaremets ("Aju" meaning brain and "Kaja" meaning echo) and longtime friend Andrevski composed analog jams on hand-built equipment in their...
200e System 7
Donald Buchla is undeniably a pioneer of electronic music. A contemporary of Robert Moog, he built his first voltage-controlled synthesizer in the '60s, which would provide nearly infinite possibilities of sounds to artists, and not limit them to musical...
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