"New Aging" Plans for a Multi-Generational Future
The stigma surrounding aging is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that evolves and changes with the times. For many, it's a fear and with this fear comes judgment. After seven years of research with the University of Pennsylvania, architect Matthias...
Home Accessories from CES
While most of our CES coverage has gone to the latest tech advancements for your wrist or camera, we've also set aside an assortment of our favorite accessories for improving life at home. From heated toilet seats with retractable bidet spouts to...
Elder Kinder
Rife with the painful vulnerability of reclaimed innocence, Jason Bard Yarmosky's painting series "Elder Kinder" reflects the parallel behaviors of growing up and growing old. Exhibiting at his first solo show (which opens this Friday at Brooklyn...
Devices for Aging
No matter how patiently explained, it's tough for older people to keep up with today's complex technologies. At the same time, user-friendly connectivity—as an increasingly important part of safety and health—is becoming more common...
For Love & Art: Sharing With Seniors
A Texas-based project, For Love & Art helps the elderly living in hospices enjoy fine works of art during their last days through digital photos. A partnership between art galleries and museums brings thousands of pieces of fine art to Digital Foci...
Omhu Cane
Omhu, a modern take on a traditional cane, turns the practical tool into an eye-catching accessory. The first product from the NYC-based company's "Aids For Daily Living" collection, the Omhu cane is inspired by the efficiency of Scandinavian furniture...