Femsplain's Female-Powered Content Community
When Amber Gordon left her role as a creative strategist for Tumblr, it wasn't to go on a soul-searching mission. In fact, she had already found her calling—and had founded it in the process. Gordon's brainchild, Femsplain, delivers a platform for...
OKOLO Concept Car Illustrations
As every World's Fair has shown, the future has always been on the cusp of space age in the minds of architects and designers. Prague's OKOLO art collective recently went back to the future, revisiting some visionary concept designs from decades...
Interview: Goods of Record's Trey Sisson
by Emily Bihl The e-commerce industry is awash with the “storytelling as a sales pitch” concept. Brands offer a few hundred words to tug on customers’ emotions just long enough for shoppers to feel the urge to click “add to cart.” What sets newcomers...
Politik Magazine
The notion that print media is dead is continually proven wrong. With the successful launch of various biannual and quarterlies in recent years, it seems the case that print is actually alive and well—so long as it's high quality, collectable editorial...
Whether you're an information junkie or just someone with little time for filtering through the surplus of online content, Reading is designed to help. Founded by Max Fenton—online editor of McSweeney's "Believer" magazine—and Greg Leppert...
Montreal's newest online hub connects the creative community with well-designed wares, from sneakers and wallets to speakers and pocketknives. Like so many digital shopping destinations, Thaylor's web-based shop doubles as an editorial platform...
Agenda and Edit
Known the world over for their well-edited books on culture, Phaidon Press recently relaunched their site and with it new sections highlighting current movements in architecture, art, design, food and photography. The publisher organizes the...