East Village

"Men I Love and Other Things I Think About" at Amy Van Doran's Modern Love Club
When walking into the slender, shimmering jewel box that is Amy Van Doran's Modern Love Club, a contemporary art blitz strikes from all angles. When the East Village space opened last year as a hub for Van Doran's high-profile matchmaking work, she...
GG's Garden Dinner Kit
GG's, a sister business with Nicholas Morgenstern's other NYC joints Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream and El Rey coffee beer, is the relatively young East Village hangout gaining repeat customers hunkering after their dense, square grandma-style...
dinnertable: A 20-Seat Speakeasy-Style Restaurant
The sign beside the interior door reads "Press for Food." If you're in front of it, you've just walked through the bustling East Village cocktail bar The Garret East, beyond a curtain, into a petite corridor. A push of the analog button sends a...
Lower Manhattan's Best New East Side Bars
Even as favor switches from neighborhood to neighborhood, it's possible to find a good bar just about anywhere in New York City. However, it just so happens that right now a slew of well-designed hotspots with excellent drink options have opened across...
Modern Korean Cuisine at Oiji
While there are many small restaurants crammed into Manhattan's block-long Koreatown on 32nd Street, their menus are pretty similar. Each offers the traditional home-cooked staples that Koreans overseas crave, from doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew...
Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails
In demand bartenders David Kaplan and Alex Day—along with regular Nick Fauchald—tasked themselves with the ambitious goal of creating the ultimate cocktail book. If detailing the exact recipes of more than 500 cocktails created over eight years at...
Mezcal is often overshadowed by its agave sibling, tequila—but not at Mayahuel. This East Village first opened its unobtrusive, speakeasy-esque doors in 2009 and their selection of over 40 different mescals (and even more tequilas)to sip neat or in...
David Hochbaum: Village in a Can
It has been frequently noted that there's magic in miniature gifts. It's no different with New York-based artist David Hochbaum's "Village in a Can." A handmade, ornately painted collection of 11 pieces per can, all are born of the remnants of his...
SCALE at Noho Design District
For this year's Noho Design District, part of New York's Design Week, we've teamed up with our friends at Architizer and Dwell to present SCALE, a collection of objects and prototypes that explore the relationship of furniture and architecture...