East London

Jago Restaurant East London
by Ananda Pellerin Anyone who attended a progressive primary school in the 1970s will feel nostalgic walking into Second Home’s optimistic interior. The multipurpose workspace, housed in a former carpet factory off of London’s Brick Lane, is a low...
London's First Board Game Café: Draughts
London is full of old railway arches, most of which were traditionally used for storage, but lately many of them have become homes to restaurants, cafés, bakeries and bars. The latest addition to the arches below the East London Overground railway...
London's Living Walls Public Art
The legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games is still very much alive in East London. After the success of the event itself, which many of the famously cynical Londoners had assumed would cause traffic chaos and be a waste of money, the pride felt when all...
Moniker Art Fair 2014
Innovative art company Moniker Projects’ eponymous Moniker Art Fair just marked its fifth anniversary with a three-day show at The Truman Brewery in the creative and commercial center of East London. While attending the show, we recently caught...
Bibliothèque’s Bibliothèque and Reset Pop-Up
Three years ago, we spoke to London design consultancy Bibliothèque about the rare editions and special collections in its bookshelves. This year, Bibliothèque is sharing its favorite books with everyone, as it opens an interactive installation...
1235 Donuts
by Adam Coghlan There’s a new donut-slinging duo in London. Brad and Molly McDonald have given the already hip and quaint tourist destination, East London's Columbia Road, a new edible attraction. On Sunday mornings, from their lemon-yellow front...
BL-NK Hackney
Uses for community spaces are continually changing, along with the people and industries that inhabit them. As once quiet peripheral urban areas become revived and rapidly developed, certain opportunities arise for innovative use of space. One such...
Moko Sellars
Just a few miles from where Thomas Frye first developed the composition for bone china in 1748, a modern tribute to the porcelain material is on view at Hackney's Wilton Way Cafe. The East London coffee shop and community gallery is currently showing...
J. Glinert
When you ask East Londoner Tom Budding to tell you about the selection of items in his newly opened shop, his face lights up. Stocked with a handsome assortment of practical goods sure to delight any discerning adult, J. Glinert is Budding's professional...