Tullamore D.E.W.'s New State-of-the-Art Distillery
Back in 1954, the distillery for Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey shuttered its doors in midland Ireland's town of Tullamore. Production didn't cease, but rather shifted to the famed Midleton Distillery, home of many other Irish whiskies. When the...
Jaki Coffey's Skips
Based in Dublin, Jaki Coffey is a designer who is drawn—you might say magnetized—to rubbish. It’s her muse, or as she puts it: “Lust in Found.” Basing her latest project “Skips” (on display last week at London's New Designers show) more directly...
Word of Mouth: Dublin
On our recent visit to Dublin we encountered a hospitable community recovering from the economic downturn with a resurgence of fashion, food and boutique hotels. Here, we share seven of the most memorable stops we made along the way. Indigo & Cloth...
Three-time Irish barista champion Colin Harmon loves Dublin. We got a taste of his infectious enthusiasm for the city on a recent tour of his two Third Floor Espresso (3FE) coffee bars there—one in the Twisted Pepper building, where it serves...
Celebrity Weighing Scales
The number of pounds you weigh is pretty much arbitrary unless you are a pro boxer, but the folks at Angry understand that "nobody wants to weigh a plain old number these days." The Celebrity Weighing Scale helps you see how you compare...
Co-op Magazine
What are you doing today? If you have a hankering to write about it, get in touch with the editors of Co-op Magazine . For its second issue —in a seven-edition volume devoted to seven specific days—the editors have chosen Tuesday 25 April 2006. They...