Doo Wop

Oliver: Night Is On My Mind
An elderly man in light-up sneakers pushing a cart filled with classic '80s gadgets nearly steals the limelight in Oliver's video for "Night Is On My Mind," the LA-based duo's "after-midnight anthem" from their new Fool's Gold EP Mechanical. The downtempo...
Solange: Crush (Don't Fight the Feeling)
For our first #PrivateJam—our new series of songs pulled from a guest selector's current rotation for its slightly embarrassing appeal—DFA co-founder Jonathan Galkin offered up Solange's 2002 single, "Crush." Originally featured on Solange's aptly...
Cults: I Can Hardly Make You Mine
Cults' glockenspiel-heavy track "Go Outside" landed the NYC-based band on every summer mixtape when it was released in 2011. And while the glimmering sound of bells is present in "I Can Hardly Make You Mine"—the freshly released track off their forthcoming...
Los Zafiros: Un Nombre De Mujer
Cuban doo-wop: Who knew! Apparently a lot of people. But for those who, like us, aren't familiar with Los Zafiros—a band from the '60s often compared with the Beatles in regards to timing and fame—have a listen to "Un Nombre De Mujer" and relish in...
HAIM: The Wire The sisterly trio of hot rockers known as HAIM continues to leave fans wanting more with their new song "The Wire"—and the track's brazen video shows they're breaking a few hearts along the way. The LA-based band, often compared to...