Nikka Whisky Distillery, Hokkaido
One of the most well-known Japanese whisky brands, Nikka's origins date back to 1934 when Masataka Taketsuru built the Yoichi Distillery (named after the town in which it's located) on the island of Hokkaido. Taketsuru (the son of a sake producer...
Four Pillars Gin
Australia's world-class, award-winning gin-maker Four Pillars is pragmatically named. The superfecta for their incredibly drinkable small-batch gin is this: copper pot stills (made by Germany's CARL), fresh Yarra Valley water, botanicals (many of which...
Copper and Wood at Midleton Distillery
With the US release of acclaimed Irish whiskey Yellow Spot, and news of a very rare Irish oak-aged whiskey being produced, we once again made our way to Jameson's Midleton Distillery in County Cork, Ireland—where the aforementioned, and everything...
Interview: Bruichladdich Master Distiller Jim McEwan
Sharing a glass of Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006, master distiller Jim McEwan marvels over the oil content in the class. After decades at Bowmore and garnering countless awards, McEwan was tasked to reopen Bruichladdich in 2000 and restore some...
Utah's French Oak Aged Beehive Gin
When Beehive Distilling opened its doors in August 2013, it became the first gin distillery in the state of Utah since 1870. After nearly a year of tweaking the recipe these first time spirit-makers released their inaugural batch in June 2014. Since...
Wyoming Whiskey
Far from what's considered the land of bourbon in the American south, just east of Yellowstone National Park in the expansive state of Wyoming, a new tradition in distilling is underway. Based in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Whiskey counts the 100...
Tullamore D.E.W.'s New State-of-the-Art Distillery
Back in 1954, the distillery for Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey shuttered its doors in midland Ireland's town of Tullamore. Production didn't cease, but rather shifted to the famed Midleton Distillery, home of many other Irish whiskies. When the...
East London Liquor Company
Gin has long been the classic London drink, and the spirit is making a comeback in the city’s cocktail scene. At the border of Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets, a new distillery and bar, East London Liquor Company, is bringing locally made gin back...
Aberlour's Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Speyside, Scotland has long been established as the source for some of the world's most refined single malt Scotch whiskies. Across the magnificent region, well-known distilleries dot the landscape with obscure facilities nestled between. There...
Kavalan, Taiwan's First Whisky Distillery
While Scotland will always (by law) be the sole proprietor of Scotch, a whole host of nations have embraced the art of whisky distillation. From Japan to Sweden to Australia, several excellent new distillers are popping up around the globe. Local...
Ardbeg Whisky Distillery
Those familiar with single malts will recognize the tiny, wild island of Islay as the birthplace of Scotland's most heavily peated whiskies. Once home to over 20 distilleries, Islay (pronounced "eye-lah") now hosts just eight, but the few remaining...
Hibiki 12 Yr
The only blended whisky in the Suntory portfolio, the Hibiki 12 Yr is a gorgeously smooth and supple whisky expertly produced in a nearly century-old distillery in Osaka.
Absolut Elyx
Over the past decade, Absolut became more synonymous with college parties and dance club bottle service than with its artistically-inclined, sustainably-minded Swedish roots. This shift in reputation is undoubtedly a repercussion of its ubiquitous...
Oola Flavored Vodka
Between 50-year-old whiskey and 19th-century curaçao, vodka has a tendency to fall by the wayside in our hunt for sipping spirits, but a recent encounter wtih Oola's flavored vodkas has certainly changed that. Oola, a micro-distillery in the...
Highland Park Loki
Inspired by the mischievous and mercurial Nordic god, the amber liquid of the newly released Loki seems to capture the unpredictable shape-shifting nature of its namesake. Matured in both Spanish sherry and heavily peated casks, the flavors offer...
Widow Jane Whiskey
In addressing the challenge of producing a Kentucky bourbon whiskey in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood, Cacao Prieto distillery looked to the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY. Heavy in minerals and naturally filtered through limestone, the water...