Digital Prints

Arthur Buxton’s "Colourstory" Show and App
At the recent Rooms Festival in Bristol, UK, one of the rooms was slightly hidden away from the others. Visitors had to wander down a long corridor and then up a winding staircase to get to the festival’s gallery space, which—unlike most of the...
Been by D'Heygere
by Laila Gohar During the day Stephanie D'Heygere can be spotted around the Maison Martin Margiela headquarters in Paris, where she works as part of the fashion house's extensive collaborative of designers. By night she runs Been by D'Heygere...
London by Hand
With a keen eye for details, illustrator Jenni Sparks recently completed a hand drawn map of little old London town. Produced in collaboration with fellow London-based art print retailer Evermade, this exceptionally drawn map leaves no ground uncovered...
Printed Silk Scarves
Drawing inspiration from photography and architecture, these four designers have adopted unique methods of applying their art to lightweight silk scarves, creating uniquely detailed accessories perfect for sweltering days that give way to chilly nights...
Studio Visit: Eskayel
Using little more than Muji gel ink pens Shanan Campanaro creates highly detailed drawings then degrades them with a dash of water to reveal unexpected patterns for her line of wallpaper, pillows and scarves, Eskayel. Her simple set of tools provides...