HigherDOSE at 11 Howard, NYC
While the science is still indeterminate on whether you can really sweat out toxins, spending 25+ minutes in an infrared sauna—where infrared light waves heat up the body, rather than the air, making it easier to stay inside longer—can often feel...
Skintox Beauty Food
Rather than just slathering lotions and potions on your skin, it's common knowledge that a healthy diet and lots of water can help with your complexion. Wellness on the inside oftentimes is coupled with an outer glow. Raw Complexions' Skintox Beauty...
Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind
"Spring cleaning" goes further than vacuum storage, packing away winter clothes, dropping off boxes at Goodwill and half-hearted dusting. The transition between seasons is a particularly ripe time for re-evaluating things beyond your closet space—like...
Eleven Eleven Wellness
Since 1992 Dr. Frank Lipman and his Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City have been the go-to practice for those seeking wholistic care. A South African M.D. who studied Eastern medicine in China and a practitioner of Integrative Medicine...