Design Indaba 2018

Interview: Designer Es Devlin
Es Devlin played the violin while growing up in East Sussex. But, the British designer told the crowd at Design Indaba’s recent conference, she also drew pictures of her violin. With instruments, she was always curious about "what went into it visually...
Design Indaba 2018: More Than A Soundbite
Anyone following along on Twitter during the three-day Design Indaba conference last week would have seen no shortage of inspiring soundbites dropped by the 31 speakers who graced the stage in Cape Town. And while perfectly packaged words of wisdom...
Design Indaba 2018: Humans Helping Humans
Each year Design Indaba gathers together an anomalous group of creative people, from typographers to architects to ceramicists and more, to discuss their projects, process and passions. While each speaker is as different as the next, at times there...
Design Indaba 2018: Most Beautiful Object in South Africa
It takes a talented eye to see where the designs of two dissimilar styles of skirt overlap, but it takes remarkable vision to incorporate those facets into that of a chandelier. Such is the case with the Tutu 2.0 pendant light, which culls and...
Design Indaba 2018: Gourmet Grubb Ice Cream
One of the conundrums many modern humans find themselves in when it comes to responsible eating is how to move forward without giving up our delicious creature comforts—namely, burgers and ice cream. Because both are derived chiefly from cows, which...