Design Awards

Milano Design Award 2017: Winning Installations
Each year, after visiting Milan Design Week, everybody wants to discuss their own list of favorites. A few years ago Elita had the idea of turning the gatherings of designers and friends that used to happen at Valentina Ventrelli’s home into a real...
DCA Design's Optic Augmented Reality Cyclist Helmet
Snap judgments play a heavy role in the world of cycling. And now, Warwickshire, UK—based agency DCA Design has a proposal to give cyclists even more necessary information to make decisions quickly and safely. Their proposal for Optic, the winner of...
Core77 Design Awards Winners 2016
A resource for industrial design (and beyond) for years now, online publication Core77's collective eye for functional and aesthetic advancement has made them experts in innovation. With the announcement of their Core77 Design Awards winners, they...
Milano Design Award 2016: Winning Installations
Now in its sixth year, the Milan Design Award has become one of the most anticipated moments of Milan Design Week. Dedicated to the most interesting installations of the week, the award (whose physical prize is a sculpture of a little horse, the...