Milan Design Week 2017: Studiopepe's "The Visit"
How do we offer access and exclusivity through design at the same time? How do we maintain intimacy in the age of social media? These are questions that seem to have yielded one of our favorite projects at Milan Design Week this year; "The Visit...
Monument Bookend
Bookends are oftentimes perceived of as unnecessary or kitsch design objects, but this stunning and minimal version from Brooklyn-based Chen Chen + Kai Williams will make a statement. Made from White Carrara marble, the bookend is shaped to accentuate...
Chad Wentzel's Mystical Tabletop Designs
In a sea of design objects and decorating pieces, Detroit-based artist Chad Wentzel's creations truly stand out. The psychedelic vessels are meticulously crafted using colorful string and crystals, but each piece is much more than the spectacular...
Mini Poop Emoji Sculpture
Along with the upside-down smiley face, side eye and praying hands, the poop emoji must be toward the top of the most-used and most-loved list. Recognizing the phenomenon that is this new language—and the significance of the cheerfully smiling...
Junit Lamp
Made from geometric-shaped ash wood, these delightful lamps are painted in bright primary colors that add a splash of boldness to any room, without overwhelming it. A great option for those seeking decorative lighting but live in small spaces, the...
Marc Janssen and ICE International
Oftentimes called "the fifth wall," carpets play a hugely important role in interior decorating. Marc Janssen, one of the world’s foremost rug-makers, puts it simply when he says he loves “reading a newspaper and just sitting on it.” But, as an object...
ilovedust at Andaz Liverpool Street London
British multi-disciplinary studio ilovedust has a wide range of projects under its belt, having worked with companies like Carhartt, Absolut Vodka and Wired. But among its latest projects is an unusual assignment; not creating designs for a brand...