David Lynch

Magnus The Magnus feat. Seinabo Sey: Keep on Lovin' Composer/producer Magnus The Magnus (aka Magnus Lidehäll) teamed up with fellow Swede Seinabo Sey for "Keep On Lovin'" and it's an unexpected, dynamically-layered track. Sey's lush vocals morph into...
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1. "David Lynch: The Art Life" Documentary An intimate and fascinating look at the life of the brilliant filmmaker and artist David Lynch will premiere at next month's London Film Festival. The documentary, called "David Lynch: The Art Life...
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1. "Kissing" Stars Scientists have spotted two massive, super-hot stars twirling into each other about 160,000 light years away. The nearly identical stars are so close together (about 7.5 million miles away from each other) that their surfaces...
The Owls Are Not What They Seem Pop-Up Restaurant
It's been 25 years since the question of who killed Laura Palmer transfixed TV viewers and BOB became part of our collective nightmares. Since then, David Lynch's remarkable Twin Peaks has gone on to become the ultimate cult show, and has inspired...
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1. Robo-Ants are Future Factory Workers Palm-sized robotic ants may one day take over industrial factories, but instead of being pests, these android insects will help out on the assembly line. German robotics company Festo came up with the idea...
Min Pin Shop
Melbourne-based Min Pin Design knows how to toe the line between eerie and cute. Founded in 2013 by the very artistically versatile Penny Ferguson, Min Pin's handmade jewelry, prints, totes and pillows have plenty of personality, with cartoonish...
Black Weirdos Meets Twin Peaks for A/W 14
For their A/W 2014 collection, Japanese label Black Weirdos has gone deep into Ghostwood Forest. The delightfully odd menswear brand has created a line that is inspired by all things Twin Peaks—no doubt scaring and thrilling fans of the show. There...
Paris Photo 2012
by Andrea DiCenzo Each year Paris Photo grows greater and grander than the year before, ensuring that the 2012 show makes a decisive leap to the front of the line as the best art photography fair to date. Returning to the Grand Palais for the second...