The Aftermath of 40 Days of Dating: The Book
While NYC-based designers and friends Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman completed their experiment "40 Days of Dating" last summer, devoted readers (into the millions) who followed every bit of documentation are all dying to know: what happened...
Glimpse Dating App
Instagram accounts often reflect an idealized form of users' lives. That isn't to say they are misleading or limited, but rather, a unique insight into desires, wishes and what each individual finds interesting and beautiful. New iOS dating app...
40 Days of Dating
Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman are best friends who find themselves single at the same time. Walsh is the hopeless romantic, always looking for love, and Goodman is afraid of commitment, oftentimes after many girls at once. Losing sight of what it...
New dating site Cheek'd attempts to capitalize on social cowardice by offering a set of witty cards for either simply handing out, surreptitiously slipping into a pocket, left on a table, or given to a friend to carry out the dirty work. The card...
I Want You To Want Me Video
"I Want You To Want Me," an interactive piece on the subject of online dating and relationships by perennial CH fave Jonathan Harris and his collaborator Sep Kamvar, and one of the standouts commissioned for MoMA's recent Design and...
When it comes to anything mobile Europe has always been ahead of the U.S. For example, there have been mobile dating/mating applications over there for years. Flirtomatic, the latest player, launched yesterday and promises to be the new industry leader...
Haute Sex
Sex toys as a rule are simply, well, not that sexy. It's as if an invisible line runs between high design and sex, ironically suggesting that sensual curves and lines inspired by the body were somehow irrelevant when created for the body. A recent...