Paring Knife
Misen launched its $65-but-feels-like-$200 Japanese AUS-8 high-carbon stainless steel chef's knife back in 2015 (not to mention the lifetime sharpening that's included), and they've finally debuted its trusty sidekick: a mean, well-made paring knife...
Diesel Living + Seletti Love Space and Machines
Diesel Living's continuous collaboration with fellow Italians, design company Seletti, have resulted in fun (with undercurrents of dark and industrial) tableware that sparks wonder in the everyday ritual of eating. "Cosmic Diner" saw salt and pepper...
Misen Perfects the Affordable, Quality Chef's Knife
We all know what a nice knife worth its money feels like—that surprise when the blade actually slips swiftly through a tomato or onion. But for those who can only feel that effortless sensation when occupying a friend's kitchen, there's hope yet...
Coney Island Boardwalk Camping Knife
Our friends at Horse Cycles recently went through a little change. The now-named Horse Brand Co. has expanded beyond bicycle production to include a wide repertoire of goods from copper flasks to riding gloves. Their latest project caught our eye...
Pro-Idee's Camping Cutlery
Camping season is upon the Northern Hemisphere and when you want to travel light, every item counts. From biodegradable utensils to a set that folds up into a pocket knife, we've come across a few appealing designs in portable cutlery. The newest...
Perceval 9.47 Table Knives
When Michelin-starred chef Yves Charles couldn't find a table knife to match the caliber of his cooking, he decided to make one. Inspired by the pocket knives carried by many of his compatriots—and the 9.47% ABV wine Charles and his friends shared...
Heart Part
Share food with a loved one with Heart Part, a cleverly designed eating utensil that opens up into two pieces combining fork, knife and scoop. Recently spotted at the NY International Gift Fair, the Heart Part appeals to both food and design nerds...