"I Didn't Miss You" Card
New York-based artist Julia Pott draws, in her words, "aggressively cute" illustrations and her greeting cards are no exception. If being brutality honest is your vibe, Pott's oddly sweet "I didn't miss you but I'm glad you're back" card (which is...
Min Pin Shop
Melbourne-based Min Pin Design knows how to toe the line between eerie and cute. Founded in 2013 by the very artistically versatile Penny Ferguson, Min Pin's handmade jewelry, prints, totes and pillows have plenty of personality, with cartoonish...
Bear Wrapping Paper
Donna Wilson has been the definition of cute since releasing her peculiar knitted creatures into the world in 2003. Her bear-print wrapping paper makes opening a gift even more of a delight.
Beats + Hello Kitty Headphones
These super cute special edition Beats + Hello Kitty Solo² lightweight high fidelity headphones come with a custom case to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. They feature a blue and white headband design with Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow and...
Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty
As part of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary celebration, the adorably cute character will be celebrated in numerous ways, including a birthday party, Hello Kitty Con and her first-ever museum retrospective at the Japanese American National Museum...
The anatomically correct offerings from Italian company Kokoro balance sex, sophistication and humor in a series of colorful pleasure toys. Designed by Madeindreams, the Buxxxer line offers an approachable alternative to market offerings, which...
Instant Rainbow
Welsh designer Yumalum just released a second print in his Polaroid poster series. The "Instant Rainbow" graphic beautifully interprets the classic instant camera spitting out a crisp ROYGBIV snapshot. Measuring 50 x 70 centimeters, each poster...
Famous Faces Stationery
A kitschy new line of stationary, Takkoda's Famous Faces series features freakishly adorable pets dressed up as popular celebrities. The collection includes journals, bookmarks and greeting cards, each with stoic faces ironically mocking their silly...
Fomato Cards
Charming, witty and altogether unexpected, Emmie Hsu's Fomato birthday cards make our favorite day a little more educational. Designed with bold graphics, each card starts out as with a mini comic-book-style, non-fiction tale about such subjects...
I Heart Guts! Black Heart
by Julie Wolfson After a slew of lousy relationships cured by heavy drinking, the designer and brains behind I Heart Guts! found restitution in creating Black Heart. Known for their very colorful soft organ creatures, the faux patent leather Black...
Sfera Kid's Poncho
We wanted to add this to our 2008 gift guide but regrettably even with the help of Google Translate we still couldn't figure out how to purchase this adorable kiddy poncho. (We're adding "learn Japanese" to the CH 2009 New Years...
Pencil Scarf
With nostalgic grade-school appeal, this cheeky Pencil Scarf from U.K.-based label Lazy Oaf is both in step with persistent surrealist trends in more haute fashion circles (like Marc Jacob's infamous deconstructed shoes last season) and with decidedly...
Halloween 2006: Costumes for Little Ones
Bypassing the fuss of dressing up, costumes for your iPod or baby inflict the holiday spirit on those smaller than yourself. The peapod baby ensemble (pictured above, far right) available from Simplcity patterns is the perfect welcome for the...
Halloween 2006: Three Ghost-Themed Finds
The flowing ghost shape may be the most emblematic of Halloween. (Does it get any simpler than a sheet with holes?) Some of our favorite artists and designers have embraced the classic silhouette and created a few non-traditional ghosts to help...
Halloween 2006: Three Better Than Candy Corn Treats
If you're looking for more than gum stabilizers and Red #7, CH found some alternative sweets by some of our favorite candy-makers. From the chocolatier behind the beloved Halloween Lollipops ($3 each) with creamy almond and hazelnut praline...
CuteXdoom is a mod for the PC game Unreal Tournament 2003 that explores society's obsession with fabricated characters and all things cute, or kawaii. The goal of CuteXdoom is to become a member of the toy worshipping Yumi-Co cult and gain access...
Baby-Eating Puppet
Teach your child a harsh but ultimately necessary lesson in mortality with this adorably insatiable plush sea mammal. Because of its vague description, we're not exactly sure what's up with the "Eating Whale Puppet," except that...
Stereotype Series 03 From Outer Space
Although Superdeux couldn't make it out to San Diego this week for Comic Con, that didn't stop them from dropping us a sneak peak of the new Stereotype Series 03, entitled From Outer Space. These incredibly cute and mischievous aliens stand...
Friends With You
Check out these sometimes auspicious buddies from Friends With You. They're 100% handmade bundles of quirky love. Most items will set you back by about $15 or $30 green. Featured here is Mr.TTT and mini Mr.TTT. Both of which are said to bring...
Kozik Smoking Bunny
What is it about cute things being naughty? I'm in love with these Kozik bunnies. Okay, so the one on the left is the Kozik Smoking Bunny, which is available at Toy Tokyo for about $60. If you're unwilling to throw down that amount of money...
Taroshooten Skull Ring
For the rocker or badass in us all. The ring is designed by TaroShooten. As a lover of all things kawaii (japanese for cute), this ring, with its simple, yet elegant design, appeals to both the sensibilities of grace and deviance. The Japanese cataolgue...
+d 3D Frame
animal rubber bands too while your at it.