Custom Clothing

J. Mueser's Custom Suits
If you blink you might just miss the J. Mueser storefront in NYC's West Village. Stepping inside, however, reveals not only the depths of the location and the plentitude of fabrics and ready to wear clothing, but also the imagination of founder Jake...
Sizing Right with Stantt's Dress and Casual Shirts
For the past few years, it's been hard to distinguish between all the new companies offering made-to-measure shirts (we've had great experiences with J Hilburn and Ratio Clothing). NYC-based Stantt's strength is in convenience; just take three...
Beau Custom Clothing
Why buy clothes off the rack when you can have them custom made for the same price? And why pay what most others are for custom when you can get it at an even lower price? Beau, based out of a retail space on the ground floor of NYC's SoHo Grand...
3D-Scanned Customized Protection by Bell Helmets
Bell Helmets, the all-American helmet company—has spent the last 60 years protecting racers and enthusiasts from head injuries. In various disciplines ranging from self-powered to gas-powered sports, Bell has positioned itself at the forefront of...
Cool Hunting Video: The Sock Hop
In the back of The Sock Hop, a small boutique on Elizabeth Street in the SoHo, NYC, the Nasserbakhts are busy sewing custom shirts for an ever-growing number of customers. The Nasserbakht family has been making shirts for over 100 years and the...