Creative Direction

Openspaces: Cornwall's Shores in Photos
Recent years have seen England's surf scene earn more and more credit on an international level. With the growing popularity of cold water surfing (and the ability to quickly document and share one's sessions via social media) England's frigid yet...
Interview: Wilbert Das on the UXUA Hotel
by Abby Morgan and Blake Whitman As far as designers go, Wilbert Das is something of a legend, creating some of the most provocative advertising in the '90s that turned Italian fashion label Diesel into a household name. In order to fully grasp...
Études Studio on Crossing Creative Lines
Crossing lines and breaking boundaries is nothing new in the creative community—in fact, it's largely what the industry is built upon. Communications designers become brand engineers, painters design textiles and ceramicists dabble in industrial...
James Victore: Burning Questions
The lives of designers, freelancers and creatives are fraught with ups and downs. Projects come, contracts go, clients run the gamut from perfect to impossible, and sometimes the creative juices just don't flow when they're most needed. No one knows...
True to This
It all started in 1993, in an unassuming parking lot in Southern California with the premier of "Alive We Ride," a video that captured skate, snowboard and surf culture with authenticity and veracity unlike anything of its time. Melding cutting...